Sunday, 1 December 2013

Left Brain, Right Brain Thinking & The Aeons

When looking into how our brains work we have all heard that the left brain is responsible for logical and linear thinking, where as the right brain is responsible for the creative, artistic, empathetic. Where as this is true, there is a bit of each in the other side too. But what is most interesting is how most people look to Gods for how things are in the world, but when they do the Great Work they realise that we are the Gods and Goddesses. Let me explain.

In the first Aeon we had Matriarchy (This is the Mother part of the Trinity) - this was a time when right brain thought ruled through society, meaning people were generally more creative, artistic and empathetic. Because generally females are more in tune with their right brains, than males, who tend to be more left brained, it meant that females were given more respect as leading the way in the mainstream norm of the day. If someone came along and tried to solve something in a more logical way they would have been shunned and told they were wrong to think like that, and this led to resentment and eventually disharmony among the left brain thinkers, who rebelled and took over. This was easy for them, because the right brained people are loving and peaceful, they don't want wars. So to the logical left brainers it was a piece of cake. They saw this is as weakness that they took advantage of.

Then came the second Aeon, which we are in now, the Aeon of Patriarchy (This is the Father part of the Trinity) - this is a time when left brain thinking is dominant, and anyone who is a right brained thinker is shunned as being different. The catchphrase of the day is - that isn't logical. It is seen as being silly and daft to be a right brained thinker. Don't let your emotions run away with you, they say. It is a cold world that left brain thinkers invent and it hurts everyone, not just the right brained thinkers. But slowly the left brained thinkers start to get tired of war and hate, and the dog eat dog 'logical' culture and decide to become more empathetic. This is starting to happen now, slowly, but it is starting to happen. Until eventually they take on more of the right brained way of thinking and this means balanced brains.

This leads to the third Aeon, which we are currently moving into, the Aeon of Veritas (This is the Divine Child part of the Trinity) - this is a time when everyone learns to be balanced, to not be so linear thinking and logical that is removes emotions, but not be too emotional that it removes all logic. This is a fantastic time, the best Aeon, the one that will hopefully last a long time in the future, when we get there. But as with all things, you can not have one thing without the other. Eventually people will enjoy this bliss so much that they start to become too empathetic, and too emotional again and this leads straight back to the first Aeon again, then the second, then the third.

This cycle will keep happening on Earth, there is nothing we can do to stop it, it just happens naturally, all things happen for a reason. we must endure the bad, to get to the good, and we can not have the good without the bad. When we realise this, we can see the crimes of the Aeon we are currently in and we will not fear the new Aeon coming, it is meant to be.

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Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Our Church is Gnostic NOT Roman Catholic

There is some confusion about our Church because of another Church with the same name as ours in Ireland. Which is found here

People are maliciously spreading rumours that we are involved with the Roman Catholic Church.

The Church of St Mary & St John is a Celtic Gnostic Church which has nothing at all to do with the Roman Catholic Church, Christianity or any other religion.

Our St Mary is Mary Magdalene and St John is John the Baptist.

We are not congregational, and have no fixed building as a Church or Temple, we can set up to perform our ceremonies anywhere. Our ceremonies are esoteric and not for the profane.

I hope this clear things up.

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

The Great Work - What Is It?

The Great Work is simply your own personal path towards illumination or coming to know thyself.

When you take a structured course involving ritual magick it is easier to make sense of everything and to know where you are using the Kabbalistic Tree of Life as a map.

Another way is to isolate yourself and just meditate, until one day you might suddenly just 'get it' but that is a long shot, and in my view a waste of your life, when you could be living it and doing other things.

The Gnostic Theolalite route through our Church does involve some meditation and taking time out to be alone with your thoughts, but it does not take over your life completely. If you are very serious about it though, you are likely to want to spend a lot of your time on it, eagerness, after all, is what it takes to be a true seeker of Gnosis. The course does not tell you what you should or shouldn't do on your own journey, it just helps you to learn about all the tools to help you on your way, and also teaches about various other things that are spirituality related.

Everyone's path is different, we know that, and so should you. You couldn't pick up a text book, read the full instructions on how someone else became illuminated and expect it to work for you. By learning how it worked out for others, and taking bits and pieces from that, you can find your own way. Within a helpful community, such as our Church, you also have all the support you need along the way.

Gnosticism - What is it?

Over time the general public have been led to believe many falsities about what it means to be Gnostic. They are told that the tradition came about in France, at about the time the Roman Catholic Church decided to burn our Gnostic ancestors at the stake for heresy. It is a repeating theme of the RC Church over the years, as time and time again they burnt people at the stake who failed to convert to their dogmatic religion which is based purely on allegory.

Gnostics have been about for hundreds of thousands of years, they were first Shamans. To say Gnostics are Christian is laughable.

If anyone would like to know about Gnosticism, they can read more here

If anyone would like to take a course on Esoteric Comparative Theology, please feel free to visit our web site and learn more about our seminary. On the course you will learn the hidden (occult) truth about ALL religions, and learn all about esoteric teachings for which the Roman Catholic Church murdered millions to try to keep this information from the people, as it would free them from the slavery and dogma the RC Church created through their lust for power and greed.

The GNOSIS has been kept safe within our bloodline, and it will be known to all true seekers.

People who are caught up in religious dogma can not see the Divine Light of Gnosis, religion brainwashes and blinds them to the truth.

"Enter by the narrow gate; for wide is the gate and broad is the way that leads to destruction, and there are many who go in by it. Because narrow is the gate and difficult is the way which leads to life, and there are few who find it."

The Roman Catholic Church is the largest Church in the world, they all went through the wide gate and will never reach illumination.

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Spiritual Attainment & Tantra

Tantra Loop Graphic Copyright Tau Tia L Douglass 2013

Did you know that every time you have meaningless sex with someone you don't love, you become dumber and less aware? It makes it harder to complete the Great Work, another reason why men find it harder than women.

When Aleister Crowley talked about sacrificing a young boy, he was talking about when he climaxes, he has made a sacrifice.

“For the highest spiritual working one must accordingly choose that victim which contains the greatest and purest force. A male child of perfect innocence and high intelligence is the most satisfactory and suitable victim.”

Using this method to gain magickal powers, is a sacrifice, as you lose out somewhere else later. This is also true when you use masturbation to charge a sigil. Unless you have already reached Kether, and therefore you can use your energy to help others.

Making this sacrifice will make things harder to complete the work. Most people just do what is right for them NOW, and don't care about the consequences later, that is why New Age religions go on and on about living in the now, they never want you to reach your full potential. Of course it is wise to not worry about the past or the future, too much. However, if you don't 'act' now for the sake of your future, nothing ever changes, including your level of spiritual attainment.

When you practise tantra you learn to never climax, and instead to loop the energy back round your system, so that it shoots back up your spine and down again in a cycle, in the figure of 8, the centre of the 8 is at your heart chakra, which is why performing tantra is about love and respect of yourself and your partner. This is one way to have sex without draining away your energy. The ecstasy can then last as long as you like as you loop the energy round. When you end the session, rather than climaxing you send the energy to your Crown, making it a win win situation.

The best thing to do is never waste your energy, if you must release energy, use it to charge a sigil at the same time. Then at least it is going towards something good. If someone focuses on something negative as they release, like porn or some perversion, then that is what the energy is going towards. If you masturbate thinking about a celebrity for instance, your energy is going towards them. This is why sexy celebrities become so powerful. But if the energy is negative, then it can effect them badly too. For instance porn stars who are used purely for sex and not respected in any way, even though they have lots of money, they end up hooked on drugs and feeling worthless, then die young.

Sending out bad energy to others, hurts you as much as your victim though. Others sending you bad energy, does affect your life, people in the public eye risk a lot by being there.... hence, they have sold their soul to the Devil, the Devil here represents the dark side which is inside all of us, we can use our energy for good or bad. Using it for bad harms us, using it for good is a sacrifice, using it within ourselves helps us in the Great Work.

Copyright Tau Tia L Douglass 2013

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Sacred Holy Herb

Within The Church of St Mary & St John we have a Sacred Holy Herb, which has been used in our Gnostic Shamanistic Ceremonies for hundreds of thousands of years. However, we have never been, as a people, or as a group of 'Knowledge Seekers' an organised religion, and therefore when the Eagles took over they took our Sacred Holy Herb away from us.

There are many reasons why they took it from us, some of those reasons are because with hemp you can make very cheap fuel, so the oil industry would no longer make such large profits, also cannabis heals and helps so many different health conditions it would put the big pharmaceutical industry in jeopardy. It also stops people being violent and aggressive, which would make the world a more peaceful place and prevent profitable wars. There are many reasons to take it from us.

Because we think it should be legal, and we should all be able to use it as we want, and grow it whenever we want, one of our ways of trying to do this is to set up our Gnostic tradition as a 'religion' we then wrote it into our Canon Laws. This means if we get enough people supporting what we are doing, we will become a full stand alone organised religion, and because it is in our Canon Laws that we should be able to use our Sacred Holy Herb, anyone who tries to prevent us is discriminating against our religious beliefs. That is the plan anyway.

This is the section from our Canon Laws regarding it on page 15:

You can see the full Canon Law here:

Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Elohim means Goddesses

Words in Hebrew become plural by adding ים or ות and that ות is generally for Feminine words and ים for Masculine, but there are exceptions, like (father)אב -- which plural is:

So אלוה, is the feminine form of the word אל. A ה at the end of the word indicates a feminine noun.

So אלהים is the plural of אלוה, with an irregular masculine ending of ים. If you were to make אל plural there wouldn't be that extra ה added to the word.

In the bible אלהים is translated into English as a singular masculine noun, when in Hebrew it seems that it is neither. In Genesis 1:1, when says
בראשית ברא אלהים את השמים ואת הארץ
the verb ברא is in the perfect form for the singular masculine, according to Christian Theologians it is possible to have a singular intensive conjugation, where a group acts with one agency [also, some Christian theologians try to draw parallels because the feminine nature of the word אלהים and Catholic construct of the Trinity, because the word πνεύμα in Greek is feminine also].

Looking at English translations, there's a cover up. Especially if you look at poor translations like the KJV, where they seem to arbitrarily translate as 'God" (gen1:1) or "Gods" (gen3:5), but never as Goddesses.

To across the board translate אלהים as a singular masculine word seems incorrect and almost like there's a theological agenda, or other cultural hang-ups, to suppress the blatantly female overtones in describing the Divine.

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Ormus Monoatomic Gold Scam

The phrase "monoatomic gold" was invented by someone with little knowledge of science who was trying to scam people out of money.

Monoatomic compounds are specifically compounds that are not diatomic. The term really only applies to gaseous compounds. For example, gaseous hydrogen has the formula H2, making is diatomic, while gaseous helium has the formula He, making it monoatomic.

Gold is a solid, and therefore has a crystal structure, making any discussion of it being monoatomic or diatomic meaningless.

The only way that gold could be 'monoatomic' is if it were in liquid or gas form, which in both cases would absolutely not be a 'white powdered' substance, but would rather be extremely hot, extremely toxic molten or vaporised metal.

Finally, compounds that do not exist monoatomically in nature generally cannot exist monoatomically otherwise. A compound with the formula H, for example, cannot exist for any longer than a few seconds, because it will necessarily bond with something.

In conclusion, 'monoatomic gold' is nonsense.

Saturday, 22 June 2013

What is your excuse?

You only get one chance at life on Earth, one chance to complete the Great Work while you are here. There will never be in a time in your life when there is nothing at all going on, and you can spend all your time focused just on the Great Work. People are all too willing to keep putting it off, or using others/things as a scapegoat or excuse as to why they "can't" do it.... Then they drop dead.

Those who are determined to succeed, no matter what it takes, are the ones who find true Gnosis. It isn't easy, no one ever said it would be, no one can wave a magick wand over you, (although the new age Reiki lot would have you believe that) and you gain Illumination.

Once you have worn out all your excuses, delayed it, put it off for the last time and you draw your final breath, that is when it will really hit you - that you could have found the time, you were just too scared to fail, and with that fear leading you, you did.

You are very lucky, because you still have time RIGHT NOW to make a start, or maybe you are too tired? Or you have a hundred other things to do? Well you just found the time to read this.

Thursday, 4 April 2013

Forbidden Fruit

The forbidden fruit in the garden of Eden was the knowledge of the Serpent Bloodline. Apples have always been associated with Gnosis, Sophia and the Goddess. Cut an apple in half and you will find that the core and pips have created a five pointed star, as does Venus in her transit - As above, so below here on Earth. On Earth as it is in Heaven above, where the Goddess Lucifer resides.

Friday, 15 March 2013

Pain Drain - Healing Magick Sigil

I decided I would create a sigil to help those who suffer from chronic pain, but you can also use this if you have a headache or some other kind of temporary pain. Video at bottom.

How it works

When I created the sigil I gave it certain instructions and this is how it works. When you feel pain, call the name of the sigil, which is Archegoniumel.

Bring an image of the sigil to mind.

Imagine all your pain being focused towards the sigil, imagine the pain being drained away.
Archegoniumel will absorb the pain away from you, it will then work at converting that pain into healing energy, which it will in turn send back to you.

Your pain will ease and you will feel lighter, uplifted and much happier. Archegoniumel will also send you some good luck.

After you have finished, be sure to say thank you to Archegoniumel for her help.

The more Archegoniumel is used, the more powerful a healer she becomes, this is something we are all building up and helping with together as we use her as a healer.

Sigils are very powerful and useful tools to achieve amazing results, if you would like a personal sigil making, please contact us at Alchemist's Laboratory and we will make your wishes come true.

When in pain.. Remember my name...

Monday, 11 February 2013

How To Spot Fake Movements

How to spot a fake movement funded by Eagle psyops and used to bring in Agenda 21.

  1. They appear overnight with a massive following.
  2. Surprise surprise they have the backing of film stars and other celebrities.
  3. They have very high quality videos that cost a fortune to produce, that seem to have been made before the funding even started.
  4. They tug on your heart strings by having victims of whatever they are pushing in the video.
  5. They usually involve mentioning aliens, but not always.
  6. They nearly always talk about the environment and how people destroy it.

Some examples of the frauds are: Thrive, Wayseers, KONY, One Million Rising, Venus Project, Occupy, Anonymous, and many more.

Saturday, 2 February 2013

A Doer or just a Thinker?

Changes don't happen, and people die every day needlessly in wars because millions of us tell ourselves that caring is just as good as doing. It's an internal mechanism controlled by the lazy part of your brain to keep you from actually doing anything. Why make any effort to make a difference, when you know deep down inside you really do care, and 'your thoughts are with' those unfortunate people who suffer the most in the world?

I will tell you why - because you have to be the one to change things. You have to be the one to help. You have to be the one who get other people involved in changing things. Just caring isn't enough.

If you give what you can to help us get on with things, you are someone who has become a Contributor, rather than just a Thinker, you are stepping in the right direction.

However, become a Doer, a Motivator or anything else you have the skills to do... and then you will be more than a Contributor, you will be a cog in the engine of change, a petal on the flower of peace and a droplet in the ocean of balanced harmony.


Friday, 25 January 2013

The Aliens Have Landed!

Why do so many fall for alien or new age theories?

Since you were born you have been programmed, consistently, into thinking that aliens do exist and that the government know about this, but are just covering it up. You have watched movies about this, see secret 'leaked' reports and films. Heard accounts of people seeing UFOs and some even saying they have been anally probed when abducted by aliens. It is deeply embedded into your unconscious that -- aliens exist, and those who don't know this just don't have an open mind.

So what happens when time and time again the 'proof' people come up with is debunked?

Psychologists have understood for years that humans want to be seen as being consistent. Not only do we want to be consistent to ourselves, we want to look consistent to others. Leon Festinger describes this quite nicely in his book Cognitive Dissonance.

A person who is consistent is seen as stable, honest and trustworthy. A useful member of society! Now try to imagine how a society would function with totally inconsistent members…!

In his book on influence Cialdini explains that behaving consistently with our thoughts and beliefs is often much easier than having to change our thinking. Because if we took the time to think, we might not like what we realise.

And whatever happens, most of us don't want to be seen to be wrong. So once we have started into something, there are very strong forces pushing us to continue. Once we make a decision, we create reasons and justifications for it and so the idea 'grows legs of its own'.

Because of these types of influence Cialdini points out that sometimes we will act in ways that are contrary to our own best interests. I'll say that again. These influences mean that sometimes we will act in ways that are contrary to our own best interests.


Even though people realise aliens haven't visited us, and we have no idea if any life does exist on other planets - they would rather look stupid and feel they are right, than back down and say they were wrong. And after all you can always persuade yourself with more pseudoscience and there is always some raving lunatic of a guru out there to validate your delusions.

'What the Thinker thinks, the Prover will prove'


Yes! 50 secrets from the science of persuasion by Robert Cialdini
Cognitive Dissonance by Leon Festinger
Prometheus Rising by Robert Anton Wilson

Monday, 21 January 2013

What Did Jesus Really Look Like?

We are often asked about the physical appearance of Jesus, and well being that he was one of the Serpent Bloodline it is very easy to figure out.

Under our videos we constantly get comments from people implying that we are lying for even suggesting that Jesus had red hair and blue eyes. They claim that Jesus was a black man, like some claim the Egyptian Pharaohs were black too. Well with DNA testing we have established this is a completely in correct, however we don't have a mummy of Jesus to test, and the Turin Shroud has been proven a medieval fake several times over.

Others imply he would have been olive skinned because he was from the Middle East. However seeing as some of us can trace our family lines directly back to Jesus and have -- you guessed it - red hair, blue eyes and O rh negative blood, it is easy for us to accept. In our other articles we also explain that Tigris is the area where our bloodline has its origins. But for all those who can not accept it, lets look at some things that would suggest that Jesus did indeed have red hair and blue eyes.

Firstly, he is a direct line descendant of King David, lets look into the physical characteristics of King David.

David was born about 1030 BC. He was “ruddy, and withal of a beautiful countenance, and goodly to look to” (I Samuel 16:12). Ruddy means more than a rosey-cheeked boy. The Hebrew is ארמים (‘admônîy), meaning red hair.

And that is not all, it goes further back into the royal line with the grandson of Abraham, Esau, twin brother of Jacob.

At the birth of the two brothers, “came out red, all over like a hairy garment.” (Genesis 25:25).

Red hair seems to run in this family. Also notice that through history, within the old royal families, red hair was common among them. Yet not in the general public.

Queen Boudica
Queen Elizabeth I

Mary Queen of Scots

Of course there are many more not mentioned here including Ramses, Anne Boleyn, Richard the Lionheart, Marie Antoinette or Cleopatra. Red hair dyeing is sometimes practised in Islam, because it is reported that Muhammad had red hair.

Lettice Knollys, red-headed cousin to the queen on the Boleyn side and famous beauty

Some of the oldest Clowns would often have red wigs and paint their faces white. It is because street entertainers of that era would have mocked royalty often, and seeing as the royals all had red hair and pale white skin, this was why they dressed like that, in an emphasized way.

Even today clowns mock those with red hair and pale skin.

Back to Jesus. How was Jesus described
by those who actually saw him?

Few people are aware that in the archives of Rome there is a physical description of Jesus. It is contained in a report written during Jesus’ lifetime by a Roman, Publius Lentulus, to the Emperor Tiberias. It reads as follows:

‘There has appeared in Palestine a man who is still living and whose power is extraordinary. He has the title given him of Great Prophet; his disciples call him the Son of God. He raises the dead and heals all sorts of diseases.
He is a tall, well-proportioned man, and there is an air of severity in his countenance which at once attracts the love and reverence of those who see him. His hair is the colour of new wine from the roots to the ears, and thence to the shoulders it is curled and falls down to the lowest part of them. Upon the forehead, it parts in two after the manner of Nazarenes.
His forehead is flat and fair, his face without blemish or defect, and adorned with a graceful expression. His nose and mouth are very well proportioned, his beard is thick and is the colour of his hair. His eyes bright blue, clear and serene. Look innocent, dignified, manly and mature.’


No accounts from anyone or anything you show them will persuade some people. I have just tried to show how the royal line to which he belongs do have red hair and blue eyes, so why wouldn't he?

Saturday, 19 January 2013

Venus of Laussel

The Venus of Laussel is a Venus figurine, a 1.5 foot high limestone bas-relief of a nude female figure, painted with red ochre. It was carved into a large block of fallen limestone in a rock shelter in the commune of Marquay, in the Dordogne department of southwestern France. The carving is approximately 25,000 years old. It is currently displayed in the Musée d'Aquitaine in Bordeaux, France.

The figure holds a wisent horn in one hand, which has 13 notches. This is to symbolise the number of moons and menstrual cycles in one year.

She has her hand on her abdomen (or womb) indicating pregnancy, with large breasts and vulva. There is a "Y" on her thigh and her faceless head is turned toward the horn.

As with all Venus figurine they represent fertility and the Mother Goddess who from whom all life is created. The figures also represent abundance.

This ancient Goddess craving is a beautiful example of Serpent Bloodline art. These representations of the Goddess would be placed on or near the Altar during ceremonies and smaller versions carried with females who were hoping to become pregnant.

Thursday, 17 January 2013

How Mind Controlled Are You?

Icy Morning

It was early morning and time to walk my dog. Such a chill in the air, the trees and ground covered in ice. I put on my wellies, wrapped up warm and headed out into the icy cold misty morning.

I was nearing the top of the lane when I came across an elderly lady, struggling with some shopping bags. She looked so tired, in pain and red faced. I walked up and said "Let me take those for you" at first she flinched as if she was worried someone was stealing from her, and when she looked at my face and saw my warm smile, she smiled back and allowed me to take them. With her hand on her back she straighten up before saying "Oh thank you, I wasn't sure I was going to make it much further... oh I could do with a nice hot cup of tea." I replied "Where do you live?" She pointed and we set off in that direction chatting as we walked.

When we got to her house I took her bags in, cranked up the fire for her and made us a cup of tea. She was so happy to have someone help her, and to have someone to talk to.

She has lived alone now for 7 years, since her beloved husband passed away and has no one visiting her, as her only son also passed away from cancer. She told me how some days she felt like giving up, everything was so much effort and it didn't seem worth carrying on. But today she said, my thoughtful act had given her hope.. She had walked that path so many times back from the shop with her weekly shopping, and not once had someone offered to help.. they just walked on by without a thought for her.

My dog cheered her up too, as he cuddled up to her. She was delighted to make his acquaintance and said she wished she could have a dog for the company, she always had dogs when she was younger and able to give them the proper care they deserve.

As I was leaving, she asked if I was religious and if that was my reason for helping her today. I told her that I didn't need a religion to make me feel guilty for not doing good things, my own Higher Self guides me and I treat others how I would want to be treated myself. She gave me a hug and I noticed a tear in her eye. She grabbed my hand, looked me in the eye, then with warmth and genuine sincerity said thank you. She told me that the shopping she had got today was supposed to be a special treat for her last meal, as she had decided there was no point going on. However she felt so much better now that this meal will be a celebration, because you never know what wonderful thing will be round the corner. I could feel tears coming to my own eyes, not just for this woman, but all those who feel so lonely and forgotten that they consider killing themselves, no one should have to feel like that.

I will go back and visit her again soon, and will help her with things all I can. I will also make her neighbours aware of the fact that she is alone and to look out for her. 30 minutes of your time a week, just to pop in and see someone who is alone will change their life for the better and yours too.

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Ancient Temples

The Neanderthal people left many remains of their ancient spiritual practices – many of which show striking continuity with later times.

Many examples of ancient Neanderthal Shrines and Temples remain. These religious sites have been found within caves where they may have been built for shelter from the elements or because the Spirits worshipped had Chthonic associations. The ancient Neanderthals also had outdoor religious sites, for example Stone Henges.

A striking example of a Neanderthal religious site was found in the Drachenloch cave in the Swiss Alps. The front of the cave apparently served as a periodic dwelling place, while deeper within the mountain were both a Shrine and a Temple. Inside the Shrine was a three-foot square stone box, which functioned as a reliquary. Inside the reliquary were the skulls of seven cave bears.

Still deeper into the mountain was a full-blown Neanderthal Temple. Around the walls of the Temple were six niches, each of which held the skull of a cave bear. Some of the niches held the skull alone, while others held the skull and a leg bone.

Another example of a Neanderthal Shrine or Temple was found in the Cave of the Witches, near Genoa Italy. Here a ritual seems to have been enacted that involved the magical “hunting” of a sacred stalactite that resembled an animal such as a bison. Evidence indicates that the stalactite was regularly used as a target for stone throwing – this is believed to have been magical in nature because the stalactite is not easily accessible, being awkwardly placed deep within the cave.

Sunday, 6 January 2013

Put your oxygen mask on - Loneliness

It is becoming a symptom in today's society for people to find themselves feeling lonely. We are brought up in a society that tells us to 'think of number one' and often find others only caring about themselves. We might decide to conform to this and are left with an empty feeling inside. We have a longing inside for someone to do something kind for us. To help us gain back that feeling of warmth from knowing someone cares - so that you will know that not everyone is just out for themselves.

Loneliness is often caused by wanting people to do something for us. When we do things for other people, we are never lonely. So why not stop waiting for others to prove to you there is kindness in the world, when you can prove it to them yourself?

Kindness costs nothing, but can give you rewards that you never expected.

This isn't to say you should put everyone else's needs before your own. That would mean you would be no use to anyone. If you have ever been on an aeroplane, you will probably remember that they say in the emergency procedures - If cabin pressure should change, an oxygen mask will drop and that you should put yours on first, before helping your children or others. Obviously this is because if you couldn't breathe as you were trying to help others, you would faint and be no use to anyone.. So first and foremost - we have to make sure we look after ourselves, then and only then can we be fully able to give others the help they need. Then in return we get the benefits of being able to help them. This is pretty much the advice of Ayn Rand, only she wasn't talking from a spiritual point of view.

The Great Work helps us become complete, however it does take a lot of work and you will have to be selfish to do it, for quite some time. Then once you have got a high attainment yourself, then you are better equipped to help others. If you didn't take the time for yourself in the first place, you wouldn't be able to help others to the standard they deserve.... The Great Work means you are working with your oxygen mask already firmly in place. It will also help you feel complete and the longing for wanting to be rescued by someone else leaves you completely.

Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Eastern Spirituality

Something that has always puzzled me is the amount of people who trek off to Indian to visit all kinds of Gurus, and they go on about what a spiritual country it is. Yet India is amongst the worse countries for violence and hatred against women. How can we ever move forward when people constantly look to different flavours of patriarchy and hatred to become 'spiritual' and how can they ever be balanced when they are taught that women are second class citizens. Both Buddhism and Hinduism are deeply patriarchal religions.


I am sure you have all come across one the types who has visited India or some other Eastern country, who dresses like a Monk and sit there in judgement of everyone else, telling them they are not being spiritual for doing this that or the other. You aren't even allowed to crack a smile in their book.

They take themselves so seriously, and they are so pretentious and obnoxious; they really do think the Sun shines out of their arse, and that their shit doesn't stink like everyone else's. Yes annoying aren't they? Namaste this, Namaste that.

Perhaps even more annoying than the New Age Wiccan & Druids who run about saying they are White Witches, without realising their religions are based on Freemasonry, just like Mormons and Scientology, what does that tell you?

Or maybe the Galactic Retardation of Light crew, well you know, nothing needs to be said about those.

These people are all just on their own paths, searching desperately for answers and a purpose. They wear a mask and hide behind a facade of peace and tranquility, when their words and actions show something completely different, and actually quite sinister.

All these religions are different shades of the same colour. No wonder they all talk about Co-existing. It is fine as long as none of them are actually changing anything, or bringing truth and allowing them to empower themselves by coming to 'Know Thyself'.

The simple truth is that until you forget all patriarchal formed and controlled religions and start looking within yourself, you will never find what you are so desperately seeking. Until you stop following the crowd and pretending to fit in, you will never find peace. Your path is yours, not some old bloke's sat in Indian or someone who wrote a book, or someone who appeared on Oprah. Look inside.

Just a little something for all those who walk about saying 'Namaste' and thinking they support something loving, peaceful and spiritual:

Here's a list of actual Hindu writings from their text advocating rape, sexism, and just plain savagery.



In the Brhada-rankyaka Upanishad scripture(advocating rape):Surely, a woman who has changed her clothes at the end of her menstrual period is the most auspicious of women. When she has changed her clothes at the end of her menstrual period, therefore, one should approach that splendid woman and invite her to have sex. Should she refuse to consent, he should bribe her. If she still refuses, he should beat her with a stick or with his fists and overpower her, saying: I take away the splendor from you with my virility and splendor (6.4.9,21).


In Dharmasastra, which is a Hindu moral and legal text(all women are whores):Good looks do not matter to them, nor do they care about youth; 'A man!' they say, and enjoy sex with him, whether he is good-looking or ugly. By running after men like whores, by their fickle minds, and by their naturallack of affection these women are unfaithful to their husbands even when they are zealously guarded here. Knowing that their very own nature is like this, as it was born at the creation by the Lord of Creatures (Prajapati), a man should make the utmost effort to guard them. The bed and the seat, jewellery, lust, anger, crookedness, a malicious nature, and bad conduct are what Manu assigned to women. There is no ritual with Vedic verses for women; this is a firmly established point of law. For women, who have no virile strength, and no Vedic verses, are falsehood; this is well established. Manusmrti 9:14-18.


In Dharmasastra(women need to be kept under control)Men must make their women dependent day and night, and keep under their own control those who are attached to sensory objects. Her father guards her in childhood, her husband guards her in youth, and her sons guard her in old age. A woman is not fit for independence. -- Manusmrti 9:2-4.


In the Vedas:"Lord Indra himself has said, 'The mind of woman cannot be disciplined; she has very little intelligence.' -- Rig Veda 8:33:17.


In the Purunas(Hindu Gods Rape Gautama's wife)Formerly the gods lusted for Gautama's wife and raped her, for their wits were destroyed by lust. Then they were terrified and went to the sage Durvasas [an incarnation of Siva], who said, 'I will remove all your defilements with the Satarudriya Mantra [an ancient Saiva prayer].' Then he gave them ashes which they smeared upon their bodies, and their sins were shaken off. --Padma Purana 4:101:174-9.


In the Smriti(Lord Rama's mom has sex with a horse 'all night long' to cleanse sins):The prescribed victims -- snakes, birds, the horse, and aquatic animals -- were bound at the place of immolation; each was dedicated to a specific divinity as is set forth in the ritual texts. The priests then bound them all to the posts in the manner set forth in the ritual texts. Three hundred beasts in addition to Dasaratha's jewel of a horse were bound there to the sacrificial posts. Kausalya (Rama's mom) walked reverently all around the horse and then with the greatest joy cut it with three knives. Her mind unwavering in her desire for righteousness, Kausalya (Rama's mom) passed one night with the horse. The priests -- the hotr, the adhvaryu, and the udgatr -- saw to it that the second and the juniormost of the king's wives, as well as his chief queen, were united with the horse. Then the officiating priest, who was extremely adept and held his senses in check, removed the fat of the horse and cooked it in the manner prescribed in the ritual texts. At the proper time and in accordance with the ritual prescriptions, the lord of men then sniffed the fragrance of the smoking fat, thereby freeing himself from sin. Then, acting in unison, the sixteen brahman officiating priests threw the limbs of the horse into the fire, in accordance with the ritualinjunctions. In other sacrifices, the oblation is offered upon branches of the plaksa tree, but in the Horse Sacrifice alone the apportionment of the victim is made on a bed of reeds. The Horse Sacrifice is known as the Three-Day Rite; for both the kalpasutra and the brahmanas refer to the Horse Sacrifice as a rite lasting for three days. -- Ramayana 1:13:24-33.


In the Smriti(method of turning women back to virgins):"A woman who has been unchaste should worship Siva in his calm aspect, Siva who is Kama. Then she should summon a Brahmin and give herself to him, thinking, 'This is Kama who has come for the sake of sexual pleasure.' Andwhatever the Brahmin wishes, the sensuous woman should do. For thirteen months she should honour in this way any Brahmin who comes to the house for the sake of sexual pleasures, and there is no immorality in this for noble ladies or prostitutes." -- Matsya Purana 70:40-60; cf. Mahabharata III:2:23.