Tuesday 15 October 2013

Spiritual Attainment & Tantra

Tantra Loop Graphic Copyright Tau Tia L Douglass 2013

Did you know that every time you have meaningless sex with someone you don't love, you become dumber and less aware? It makes it harder to complete the Great Work, another reason why men find it harder than women.

When Aleister Crowley talked about sacrificing a young boy, he was talking about when he climaxes, he has made a sacrifice.

“For the highest spiritual working one must accordingly choose that victim which contains the greatest and purest force. A male child of perfect innocence and high intelligence is the most satisfactory and suitable victim.”

Using this method to gain magickal powers, is a sacrifice, as you lose out somewhere else later. This is also true when you use masturbation to charge a sigil. Unless you have already reached Kether, and therefore you can use your energy to help others.

Making this sacrifice will make things harder to complete the work. Most people just do what is right for them NOW, and don't care about the consequences later, that is why New Age religions go on and on about living in the now, they never want you to reach your full potential. Of course it is wise to not worry about the past or the future, too much. However, if you don't 'act' now for the sake of your future, nothing ever changes, including your level of spiritual attainment.

When you practise tantra you learn to never climax, and instead to loop the energy back round your system, so that it shoots back up your spine and down again in a cycle, in the figure of 8, the centre of the 8 is at your heart chakra, which is why performing tantra is about love and respect of yourself and your partner. This is one way to have sex without draining away your energy. The ecstasy can then last as long as you like as you loop the energy round. When you end the session, rather than climaxing you send the energy to your Crown, making it a win win situation.

The best thing to do is never waste your energy, if you must release energy, use it to charge a sigil at the same time. Then at least it is going towards something good. If someone focuses on something negative as they release, like porn or some perversion, then that is what the energy is going towards. If you masturbate thinking about a celebrity for instance, your energy is going towards them. This is why sexy celebrities become so powerful. But if the energy is negative, then it can effect them badly too. For instance porn stars who are used purely for sex and not respected in any way, even though they have lots of money, they end up hooked on drugs and feeling worthless, then die young.

Sending out bad energy to others, hurts you as much as your victim though. Others sending you bad energy, does affect your life, people in the public eye risk a lot by being there.... hence, they have sold their soul to the Devil, the Devil here represents the dark side which is inside all of us, we can use our energy for good or bad. Using it for bad harms us, using it for good is a sacrifice, using it within ourselves helps us in the Great Work.

Copyright Tau Tia L Douglass 2013

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