Thursday 29 March 2012

Three Tiring Things

Three things I get tired of hearing day in and day out are:

1, You are a feminazi, man hating bitch, whose Dad abused you or a man hurt you in the past.

2, You have to prove to me about this, that and the other. Because the person accusing me of just making up crap is too lazy, stupid or probably both, to do the research themselves. This isn't just about one topic, it is about most of the stuff I put out there, because it is controversial to the programmed herd who can not accept they have been lied to their entire life, so they attack anyone who dares to stand up and say any different, and constantly whinging on about them 'proving' things to them, even when all the proof is there right in front of them.

3, You are a devil worshipper, working for the dark side, you kill people in rituals, you murder babies, you are cold hearted reptiles, you are this, you are that.

All three of the above are complete bullshit, and you can keep saying it until the cows come home but it isn't going to make it true.

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