Thursday, 29 March 2012

Three Tiring Things

Three things I get tired of hearing day in and day out are:

1, You are a feminazi, man hating bitch, whose Dad abused you or a man hurt you in the past.

2, You have to prove to me about this, that and the other. Because the person accusing me of just making up crap is too lazy, stupid or probably both, to do the research themselves. This isn't just about one topic, it is about most of the stuff I put out there, because it is controversial to the programmed herd who can not accept they have been lied to their entire life, so they attack anyone who dares to stand up and say any different, and constantly whinging on about them 'proving' things to them, even when all the proof is there right in front of them.

3, You are a devil worshipper, working for the dark side, you kill people in rituals, you murder babies, you are cold hearted reptiles, you are this, you are that.

All three of the above are complete bullshit, and you can keep saying it until the cows come home but it isn't going to make it true.

Monday, 19 March 2012

When The Lights Go Out

On death we each become our own judge. If we have led a good life our Higher Self will make the experience wonderful, because we have no guilt. If we have been horrible to others, lied, cheated, blamed others for our own problems, shown no love or empathy for others, then our Higher Self knows this and we will experience something very nasty indeed. I am not talking about how we die, I am talking about what we experience as the lights are going out. If your religion teaches you to hate others and be cold hearted to the suffering of others, you will be the one who experiences hell, not those you think of as 'sinners'. - Tau Tia

Sunday, 18 March 2012

Angry Anarchistic Feminists

The whole concept of anarchy is completely ridiculous and unworkable. The idea that people need no leaders at all is both wishful thinking and ludicrous. How men treat women now is bad enough, imagine if they were given no guidance or rules to tell them right from wrong? To tell men that anything is acceptable? Because without parents to give guidance to a child's upbringing we would just create monsters who have no sense of right from wrong, parents are leaders too. The only people on the planet who do have a true and real sense about what is important are those who have worked on themselves spiritually, because they have come to know altruism. Religion is completely different entity to Spirituality. Before someone awakens spiritually they see everything they dislike with anger and seek revenge. Women being naturally tantric don't take much work to waken spiritually, but men do, and in society women are being taught to be more like men, aggressive, filled with hate, uncaring, promiscuous, little or no self respect. Women are taught to care more about personal possessions and what they can get from others, than being loving, caring and compassionate. Which are feminine qualities. There is nothing weak about altruism and feminine qualities, it takes great strength to stand up against the negativity and hate spread about in the world and say, "Enough is enough, why can't we all just do what is right by each other?"

Many people need leaders, because they have had their spirituality switched off over many generations. Like it or not men will always need them, and it is women, spiritually aware ones that should be stepping up and giving them that guidance as was always the way in the past. Priestesses would help men become spiritually aware better people, and we can again. But they aren't going to want to listen to women who hate them and are angry about the past. It is up to us women yet again to be the ones to help them help themselves. Because until they have done that, and they have become altruistic, the problems escalate and there will be no end to the battle of the sexes. Men need women for enlightenment, it is simple as that, and we help ourselves by helping them, not hating them. I am sorry if this offends, but I can see the big picture here. I am in no way condoning the bad behaviour of men, I am saying that the ones who haven't become spiritually aware need our help, so they don't become the sexist nasty testosterone poisoned fools they can. And not ALL men are like that, some have learnt from women and become balanced, stable and very respectful of women, with our help they all can. We can LEAD by example.

Friday, 9 March 2012


Still I am told I am inciting violence and hate crimes for talking about the problems with patriarchy.  Yet I am always saying over and over again that violence is what I am against and what I want to put a stop to, and the only way to do that is to remove ALL patriarchy. So yes that means removing Islam, as well as Hindu, Judaism, Christianity etc, and stop the hate and division caused by ALL these patriarchal religions. I will never be tolerant of violence. If someone can worship something without feeling the need to hurt others because of their beliefs, fine, but it seems they can't!! To be tolerant of hate crimes because of someone's religion is disgusting.

Patriarchy effects all people negatively, even men. They are forced to go to wars and get killed and lose limbs, all because of oil and power. The psychopaths who want to keep patriarchy, do so because they like the power and control it gives them, while the rest suffer. They don't care about those soldiers and their families who suffer, or all those innocent people they kill in the countries they rape. They laugh about it, and they laugh about those who continue to support it while they get richer.

Sunday, 4 March 2012

Freemasonry The Truth

What is extremely annoying and disturbing to me, is the same old rubbish being put out there again and again, by people who know exactly what they are doing and why.

Sacred Geometry and Astrotheology have been hidden in plain sight, it is just that most people are or have been to stupid to see it. The RC Church has kept this from us, but wait the Freemasons have kept it safe for us, and they are the good guys. Look, they even worship the Goddess, and a balanced trinity. Oh aren't they good people, all those famous people who have belonged to their Order, all those genius, gosh they are so much more intelligent than us, no wonder they had to keep it all secret from us. Maybe it was an advanced hidden race that had these teachings, they were probably aliens. But aren't we lucky that those 'men' in the past were intelligent and rediscovered the secrets.

Reality - The Freemasons are the same thing as the RC Church, they have worked together for thousands of years to make sure YOU the general public would never become intelligent enough to figure all this out. They stole the teachings from our Shamanistic ancient ancestors Mystery Schools who built Stonehenge and the pyramids and the other fantastic architecture all over the planet. In our Mystery Schools we taught about Astrotheology, Geometry and Spirituality, and how to use these things to see the Divine in all of creation, which all came from the Cosmic womb, Vescia Piscis of the Great Mother Goddess. The societies were all female led, and there was no such thing as wars.

Some of us decided to help nature along a little by giving some simian races our genes, and the result was Cro-Magnons, who eventually took over and killed as many of us as possible, but stole our teachings, but didn't know them all, some were missing. They thought they had killed us all, every time we surfaced they killed us, we have had secret Orders that passed knowledge through the 'Underground Stream' for a long time. We have been releasing more and more knowledge out to the general public, pretending to have just discovered it, etc. Or wrote it as fiction, only way to get it out. Then because the Freemasons noticed this was happening, but they want the real and full knowledge themselves, they set up Universities, a place to hand pick the brightest men and get them to swear oaths of secrecy to them, in return they get great wealth, fame, whatever they want. So long as they were working for them, and keeping the knowledge secret, as it would empower everyone, they don't want that. They especially wanted to make sure women would not get an education, as if women found out the truth about the past, it would mean their patriarchy and power would be taken away from them over time.

These men would keep hold of the power, and rule over the entire world. Yet now we see lots of videos and books telling us what good people they are, they can see the popularity of the RC Church is waning, so they need a new tactic to get everyone on side. Those who have signed oaths, well it is too late for them, they can not escape them, and too scared to come out and tell people the truth. Once a 33 degree Mason, they would never leave anyway. They become selfish idiots who love the power it gives them over others and all that work they had to go through to get the secrets, now why would they just give them to others who they feel are inferior to them? They wouldn't. They do not learn how to become spiritual beings in Freemasonry, they haven't opened their heart chakra, so all that knowledge only leads to psychopaths.

OTO is also part of this, as is Golden Dawn, as is AMORC, as is Theosophical Society, as is the New Age movement, Church of Satan, Wicca, Temple of Set, Sisters of Isis, Judaism, Islam, Sufis, Buddhism, Hindu, all forms of Christianity etc etc. Other projects to con us include: Venus Project, Thrive, Wayseers, KONY 2012, New Age Movement, Lightworkers and many more. All ways of putting those waking up, back to sleep by telling them stupid stories about holographic universes, aliens, DNA activation, Ascended Masters, Angels, Demons and other rubbish. All working for the same thing, to keep humanity trapped in patriarchal mindset forever. You can argue as much as you want about your religion not being patriarchal, but the fact is, if it is mainstream it is. They have been playing this game for a long long time, they are not about to give up easy. They want you to think you have a choice.

Even though we are now coming back out to try and help you all see what is happening, how many of you will truly take notice? Because all these different groups don't seem connected, and in fact some seem to be complete opposite. Remember the black and white squares, it is all a game of chess, and you are one of the pawns.