Monday 30 July 2012

The Racist Blame Game - Black Vs White

Wouldn't it be nice if people would stop seeing only differences in others and start to see what things make us all the same? Why do some black people think ALL white people are evil and why do some white people think that ALL black people are? I was told just recently by an African American that white people are to blame for all the worlds problems, wars and murder. He said that 'everyone' knows that black people created all the esoteric teachings and that every Mystery School teaches that. Strange that seeing as I spoke to someone else who happened to be white and in another Masonic Order who was saying that white people created all of civilised society and that if it weren't for white people those black primitives would have all killed themselves by now, and that everyone involved in the 'Mystery Schools' knows that. Erm no, not in genuine Mystery Schools like ours.

Well I have news for you, both of you are wrong and you have been played. You are very much trapped in the game, and that game is creating division, hate and competition and not by mistake, that is what the game the Eagles play is all about. Keeping everyone so consumed with hate and a sense of entitlement, that they never even notice they are part of the game and the people they are directing their hate towards have nothing to do with how things are, because they are just as misguided, brainwashed and programmed as they are.

Masonic Orders brainwash and control, not enlighten. The whole thing about them is to get people hooked so they can control them. The Orders in black areas will tell the black ones what they want to hear and the ones in white areas will do the same. All the time those involved are hooked they are buying into the game. They are told how special they are, and their false egos lap it up and use it to get even more embroiled in the material world. It is the same trick used by all religions, so many traps for people to fall into and they are all part of the game, and they are all run by the same people, there are no sides apart from us against those who run the game.

If they were enlightened they would stop this nonsense, learn the true facts about the past, get over it and move on. Nothing we do now is going to change what happened in the past, so what is the point of playing the blame game? The true teachings are now available to anyone, and it doesn't matter what your genes are, you just have to want to help yourself, and then you can help others.

Once you escape the game you will be surprised at just how stupid the game looks when you see the big picture.

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