Saturday 13 August 2011

The Hidden Teachings of Mary Magdalene

Peter said to Mary "Sister, since Jesus has known you privately he has change greatly. He radiates love, knowledge and wisdom. What lesson have you given him to make it so?"

 Mary answered, saying, "Within my vessel I carry the wine and the water, Jesus made the fountain flow, and from it he took some inside himself."

Peter asked, "Is this the reason he now walks in the light?"

Mary answered, "Yes, the wine and the water have completed him. He is ready to be the light of the world and bring great teachings of peace and love."

The Hidden Teachings of Mary Magdalene.

Secret teachings revealed by Tau Tia L Douglass - The Church of St Mary & St John. 


  1. Why are there no comments? And why is there a you tube connection to this site that espouses their belief that RH negative blood-born individuals are Reptilian hybrids?

  2. People aren't forced to make comments, that is their choice. And no there is nothing on youtube by us that says people with Rh negative blood are reptiles. There are plenty of those on youtube though, not all videos on there about Rh negative blood are ours!