Sunday, 25 November 2012

Rh Negative Bloodline Genetics

Do you have Rh negative blood?

Don't be fooled by disinformation agents and their Facebook pages and websites making claims that Y DNA R1b is the Rh negative gene. There might be high percentages of type O blood in the Basque area, and this is because it is the place most of the Cro-Magons first created were based, when the Neandethals bred with the simian people they created. That area will then have mostly O positive, O negative, A positive and A negative blood types from the mixing. R1b is Cro-Magnon DNA, not Neanderthal, they are Hybrids, not pure. It would be silly to claim that Rh neg blood has its origin in R1b, especially as R1b came into the UK and Ireland much later than the I and J lines. R1b is the most common group of all in Europe, and yet Rh neg is very rare. I and J males carry the Rh neg genetics and mtDNA H and U groups. mtDNA haplogroup U is the most common in the Basque area, meaning the Cro-Magnon R1b males were breeding with pure blooded females. That is why so many of them have O negative blood, nothing to do with R1b.

Some people are determined to spread false information, they are either completely ignorant or just don't check their facts and just copy and paste other peoples false information.

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Friday, 23 November 2012


Do you find yourself noticing 11:11 a lot?

It seems that a lot of people do and how many is increasing as we move into the Age of Aquarius. We have all sensed that the Divine Feminine is returning. We know at our core that the world is off balance, that the truth needs to be known and accepted, and that the time for hiding all of this has gone. 

You may understand this intuitively, on an instinctual level, and are tapping into genetic memories of a time when all the Earth's children were more spiritually attuned to the Great Goddess.

Today, we would like to show one of the most interesting patterns we have seen that was made with the Numegalogy software, which handles the math and pattern drawing. 

For further information about the specific operations used by Numegalogy and how the system has evolved, please check out the main page of the project wiki.

This mathematical art seems to agree that there is a connection between the appearance of 11, the Divine Feminine, and our spiritual needs at this time. It appears most of us have never seen anything quite like this before.

Numegalogy "Classic Mode"

Observations & Interpretations

11:11 formed by the 9's, including the colon in the center. The first 11 is formed with two of the 48372516 sequence and one 51627384, the second 11 is the opposite.

An 11 is both a 1 and a 2, thus it represents balance between feminine and masculine energy. 1 is the number of the Sun and 2 is the number of the Moon. 1 is the Magician/High Priest, 2 is the High Priestess. So this number also represents the alchemical reaction created during The Great Rite

639 in the center, illumination of heart and mind
Serpent Goddess, Kundalini awakening

The total is the 369 series, see Life in Numbers for more.

Some of the keyword associations and symbolic meanings are: truth, justice, balance, unity, duality, individuation, partnership, harmony, and enlightenment.

The Goddess is Awake...are you?

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Published with permission and blessings from Soror Ennea, LKHT

Monday, 12 November 2012

Seeking Advice?

I am getting a lot of emails from people asking for my advice, and so I feel I must post this. I am not here to offer advice to people, or tell them what they should or shouldn't be doing in their life. I am very busy writing my book as well as a hundred other things for our movement, that will help EVERYONE long term. Best thing you can do is start trusting your own intuition about the situations you find yourself in, in your life. Or maybe ask for advice in our group?

I am sorry I can not help you, but I have so much to sort out here myself. I am sure that you understand that I can't be all things to all people.  I offer Tarot Readings, Sapentia, Hypnosis Sessions, 1-2-1 Teachings, which all help people and also raise more money for the movement and Theomerla at the same time. That is the only kind of direct personal guidance I give to people, other than those within our Order and Church.

I am sure you understand, I don't want to just ignore your call for help but there isn't much I can do from here. You might want to seek help privately from one of our other Clergy or Members, and it is up to them personally if they want to offer advice, but really you should always follow your own heart and intuition about any guidance you are given. The answers are within.


Tau Tia L Douglass

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

American Election Mind Control

Americans, are you taking a side in the red and blue game of chess? If you do you are admitting you are just a pawn. 'But women fought for the right to vote, we should vote, they say'. Yup, mind control tactics. You see they know that no matter who wins, they win, so they love the pantomime, the whole divide and conquer game is being played at its best and most powerful at this time. Because they know that so long as the people all believe they have a choice, the game will continue. If you hate someone for voting for the other side, you are under mind control. No doubt about it. If you vote, you are under mind control, because it means you actually believe for one moment it is going to make a difference. So argue with people for a few weeks about which colour is best, then rush to vote and then sit back down before your TV, drink some more fluoride and eat some more GMO and feel of happy that you made and effort to change the world. Ignorance is bliss after all.

This goes for other countries too, including the UK.