Wednesday 1 August 2012


Why do so many see conflict as negative? It is how we learn about ourselves, and what is important to us, and what stands up to be tested. If something doesn't stand up when someone else disagrees with it, then it means you should let go of it, instead of stubbornly holding on to it and then hating the person for showing you the truth. It is that realisation that what we believe to be true, isn't always, that helps us find out who we really are and what things we only believe because we have been programmed to believe them. So when someone runs away at the first signs of someone disagreeing with them, it means they are unwilling to be proven wrong.


  1. You cant' beat the facts. There is always going to be somebody on the right side of the argument. If somebody confronts you with a conflicting point of view you must make a stand, if you don't stand for what is right then what do you stand for? Obviously if somebody is dangerous I won't grant them the privilege of my correction, and they will continue on with there lives minus the information I could have provided that would have allowed them to possess a clearer sense of reality. This is how Mother Nature will select those with social conscience to be gifted with enlightenment

  2. I've always thought this way. Conflict can be a huge growth moment if both parties are willing to communicate respectfully, without it descending into a minefield of egoic nonsense.

    I've been told I "can't live without conflict" as though that's a bad thing. I actually find conflict quite uncomfortable, but I also know it is a growth opportunity, so I don't like letting it go if something constructive can come of it. Rarely do I meet anyone willing to dance with me though.