Sunday 5 August 2012

What Is False Ego?

False ego is the programmed by society version of yourself, like a mask we hide behind in order to fit in with others who are in false ego. The real ego is just your sense of self. But you can not know your real ego unless you have removed the false one, by connecting to your Higher Self. Then you can tell which is false and which is programmed. Before that it is hard to tell.

You might think that voice in your head is you, but it is thinking with words, and words were created by others, so how can you know who or what is thinking those words? Unless you get even deeper and realise who or what is thinking those words and why it is thinking those words in that way.

For example you might think to yourself that you are not good enough. Who says you are not good enough? How do you know that whoever said the words that made you think you are not good enough was right about it? They don't know you better than you, or do they? Is it really you who thinks you are not good enough, or something someone else told you years ago and it attached itself to your false ego and now your false ego is believing it?

It is very hard to change once your false ego has accepted something. It is what 'knowing thyself' is all about, finding the authentic you, the one that isn't trying to please others, or fit in, or impress anyone.

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