Sunday, 28 October 2012

Can you become a Priest/ess?

I was reading a site the other day, someone who was telling everyone he isn't a guru and that he wants to empower everyone. He has built up a large following. I wondered about contacting him, maybe he could help with our movement, seeing as he was appearing to be doing something similar. Then I saw his posts about DNA activation and other rubbish, and I realised he is just another greedy selfish eagle, selling lies to people who are still trap in selfish false ego. Because lets face it, people will always go the easy and lazy path first. They want to be told they can activate their DNA and become enlightened by just doing a chant and sending money to this cause or that cause. They want to pay for fake initiations which involve fake ceremonies and no work or effort on their part, so long as they pay, because money is everything in this world right? And the 'I'm not a guru' guy just needs more and more of it, in order to enlighten you to the truth, right? Wrong. To become a better person, you have to take responsibility for your own path, you have to do the work yourself, no one else can wave a magick wand and make you a Priest or Priestess, you have to do it yourself. Take the easy, lazy path to nothing and no changes if you feel inclined, but then don't wonder why you achieve nothing but emptiness and pain. What a shock it is to people when they join our Church and realise they are going to have to do some work, learn some things and connect to their own Higher Self in order to deserve the title Priest/ess. Everyone might deserve the chance of becoming a Priest/ess, it doesn't mean everyone will have the courage and strength to make it.

Reaching Our True Potential - Clan Living

I don't give my knowledge to others so that they will follow me, or look up to me. I do it so they realise who and what they are, how much they have been lied to and in turn it will empower them. The world doesn't need more mindless slaves, it needs more knowledgeable teachers and leaders, who can help everyone else realise who they are and empower them too.

In a world where everyone has independent thought, who know who they are, what they are and their true Will and purpose there would be no need for war. People who can think for themselves and be responsible for themselves as well as others, will have no need to look up to others as gurus. They will be more willing to take their true place in a clan, as they will know their own unique role and how they fit in.

This man works in the fields all day, growing crops and tending animals. He feels a great sense of pride in his work, as he knows his work feeds the clan.

This woman is a Mother, who brings new life to the clan. She is there for the children constantly, no need for a nanny. She enjoys her work, as she knows she is creating the clan of the future.

This man is an Artist, he decorates the clan buildings with his works of Art, he is happy that he can spend his life creating things that will delight and inspire everyone in the clan.

This woman is wise and spiritual, she loves to arrange ceremonies and festivals for the whole clan to enjoy, and to teach the young ones about the past.

This man has a passion for making and building things, he loves to provide cover and protection to the clan, by building them beautiful homes that keep them safe from the elements.

This woman is a natural healer, she knows which herbs will heal and how to comfort the ill.

This man and woman are getting older now, and so they spend their time teaching their craft to those younger than them. They are happy to be passing their knowledge on and the respect they have gained from their pupils for teaching them these important skills.

There are so many more roles in a clan, that don't feel like work, as they come naturally. It is all about giving and only taking what we need. It is more important to give, as this creates more happiness than just taking ever can.

When you are living in a natural clan type community, something that is missing these days, everyone has a place and everyone a purpose. Everyone is happy, because they are doing what they love best.

There might be someone who organises things for the clan but that is just another job, like all the others. Just something they are good at and all the other clan members think so too. No ego, no one is better, everyone is important, everyone is equal.

The ego of the spiritually dead would be the only thing stopping someone from wanting to live a life like this. Those who want to control others and force them into work they don't want to do, through their own greed and need to have more than others, which leads to misery and war. Only happy people living life doing the things they were always meant to do, in small clans, leads to a world without war.

How can we ever recover this? How can we learn to use modern technology to make this kind of lifestyle better than it might have been in the past? How can we learn to live in harmony with nature and not destroy it? Maybe it is something that needs to start small, and then spread? Maybe we have the power to start something like this now? What scares us so much for leaving the 9-5 slog in a dead end job, that makes us feel ill, stressed and lifeless? Maybe nothing, have you had enough?

Let's make it happen

Sunday, 14 October 2012

Your World Revolves Around You

How often are we told that the world doesn't revolve around us? Meaning that we are not important in the bigger picture and shouldn't be egomaniacs. However your world does revolve around you, and it can be very freeing and empowering, without egotism, to know this. You are the one who decides what you are going to do with your life, more so in the western world. You are the most important person in your world because you are the one who creates your reality every single day, and you do it all alone. So maybe it is about time you starting trusting yourself more? Why live in someone else's world, when you can live in your own? If you are the King or Queen of your own world you don't feel the need to control anyone else's or put trust in anyone else's world view over your own.

You can practice learning how to trust yourself again simply by using your imagination, like you used to when you were a child. Take a day, more if possible, and be completely alone without distractions. Think up a new world in which you live in, where everything is as you want it. You are the world leader, what rules are in your world? Take time to think about how your world would be, how your reality would be if it were exactly as you wanted it.

This session will be very telling, it might be a negative experience. You might find yourself wanting more money, more material goods, being the most beautiful. This is a product of other peoples worlds effecting yours. Try instead to imagine if we don't need money and looks don't matter, see the bigger picture.

If you find this hard, and too big to tackle, try just imagining the perfect day that would truly make you happy.

Now live it, pretend for just that day that everything you want your world to be, it is. Live it, be it, create it. Just use your imagination and pretend.

After your day is over you will find that you have been living seeing the world through other peoples eyes, and not your own. You have been making do with living in someone else's world, and it is less than perfect isn't it?

Now you know how your world should really be you can start making your world a reality and living it. We are very lucky to have the power to change our own inside world, because when we do, the world outside starts to change too.

Friday, 5 October 2012

Emails from Trolls

I received this email today, and thought I would translate into the literal meaning.

Name Cass Knowels


Comment I normally don't respond to these types of things - but - you guys are scary. I hope you don't get any traction with your "religion".

You put a lot of emphasis on the control structures. Well, I am not a part of the "control structure" and my life has turned out fine. When you vibrate at a high level, it as though you become a citizen of another realm.

You never mentioned Law of Attraction, Sacred Geometry, Thoth, The Emerald Tablets ("As Above So Below"), why the Dogon know about String Theory, and the number of subabtomic particles, the Spirit itself, nor 2012 - and the obvious DNA upgrade taking place all over the world (evidence by people seeing double and triple numbers). You say that reincarnation does not exist - but - is it really - reincarnation does not exist for you and others of the same/similar DNA type?

I had hoped that the New Age/Spiritual movement would be free of the interference of those who try to make separations based upon race (using divide and conquer) - but alas - there is always some faction out there that tries to poison the well with their backwards thinking.  


Name Cass Knowels (I will put my name down to show I mean business)

Email (I won't provide a real email address as I am pathetic coward big mouth who likes to troll and run, without having any come back)

Comment I am normally a miserable whinging moaner who has nothing better to do than attack and harass people I know nothing about, but think I am an expert on what they are doing and why, just by watching one video. Which I skipped through because I didn't have the necessary attention span to watch it properly. I will say you are dangerous because I don't like to admit I am part of the problem and refuse to become part of the solution.

I am completely brainwashed by the New Age movement, so I am completely against the idea you put a across about everyone finding their own Will and doing their own thing, being their own boss, because I can not think for myself. Therefore I will imply you are trying to control people. I think I am spiritual and enlightened and that my shit doesn't stink like everyone else's, so I will make up some pseudoscience New Age bs about me having ascended into a different realm in order to make me sound spiritual and enlightened.

Now even though I haven't read your web site, or watched all your videos, or know anything about what you do and don't mention.. I am going to rhyme off some things I have heard my New Age Gurus talking about, even though they have little or no knowledge of the subjects themselves. This will give you the impression I know what I am talking about, throw in 'as above, so below' because I see Occultists mention this a lot, even though I have no idea of the meaning of it. DNA upgrades, oh yes that is so true, so true in fact there is lots of evidence, but I haven't provided my email address so you can't ask me to show you any of it. Because I am still a child mentally I need to believe stories told by patriarchal religions, to the simple folk, so I believe in reincarnation and so will imply that there is something wrong with you if you don't.

I believe the bs I have been fed by the mainstream New Age movement, like I am supposed to. So anyone who dares to say anything different than what I have been taught by these highly paid psyops, freemasons, religious nutters and con men will be told they are racist and backwards.

---END translation.

Unfortunately the Simples who fall for this bs, are taught to police everyone else and attack them for daring to be different. This is just one example of the many emails and comments I get day in and day out. All they do is prove to me all the more that those of us who are getting involved in our movement are indeed an advanced species. As Mary Magdalene said, "The truth can only hurt us when we refuse to accept it, acceptance is the key to start on the path to finding inner peace. We choose not which line into which we are born, therefore we should find peace in our differences and strengths, as much as our similarities and weaknesses." You have to accept what line you are born into and the truth, or you can not have peace. Covering it up will not and has not brought peace, it is time the truth was known by all and Simples like this will not stop us.

Thursday, 4 October 2012

Resist the urge

Sometimes no matter how strongly you dislike or distrust a person, it is better to keep your mouth shut and let the person involved with them make their own mistakes. It is hard to do, but the person will not thank you for your opinion, they will attack you and you will end up looking like the bad one. They will twist your words and make out you are trying to control them, just because you want to help them. This is also true of people who come to you begging for advice about someone. They already know themselves the person they are involved with is bad news, but they want someone to lie to them and say how wonderful they are. They can not handle the truth, they don't want to accept it and so you become the victim of all their pent up anger and insecurity that they hide. They would rather fool themselves and take the long route to truth, than be told by someone else.

Monday, 1 October 2012

Magick Memories

I am just going through some of my old magick dairies as I am putting some of it in part 3 of the book, and oh wow, what memories. It was so so magickal discovering all the amazing things I did, and the having the fantastic dreams, and feeling even more magickal than I ever had before, just as I was finally leaving the path of the fool and moving on. Priceless experiences, I feel such a sense of excitement when I think of others just starting out on the path, and all the things they will discover.