Sunday 14 October 2012

Your World Revolves Around You

How often are we told that the world doesn't revolve around us? Meaning that we are not important in the bigger picture and shouldn't be egomaniacs. However your world does revolve around you, and it can be very freeing and empowering, without egotism, to know this. You are the one who decides what you are going to do with your life, more so in the western world. You are the most important person in your world because you are the one who creates your reality every single day, and you do it all alone. So maybe it is about time you starting trusting yourself more? Why live in someone else's world, when you can live in your own? If you are the King or Queen of your own world you don't feel the need to control anyone else's or put trust in anyone else's world view over your own.

You can practice learning how to trust yourself again simply by using your imagination, like you used to when you were a child. Take a day, more if possible, and be completely alone without distractions. Think up a new world in which you live in, where everything is as you want it. You are the world leader, what rules are in your world? Take time to think about how your world would be, how your reality would be if it were exactly as you wanted it.

This session will be very telling, it might be a negative experience. You might find yourself wanting more money, more material goods, being the most beautiful. This is a product of other peoples worlds effecting yours. Try instead to imagine if we don't need money and looks don't matter, see the bigger picture.

If you find this hard, and too big to tackle, try just imagining the perfect day that would truly make you happy.

Now live it, pretend for just that day that everything you want your world to be, it is. Live it, be it, create it. Just use your imagination and pretend.

After your day is over you will find that you have been living seeing the world through other peoples eyes, and not your own. You have been making do with living in someone else's world, and it is less than perfect isn't it?

Now you know how your world should really be you can start making your world a reality and living it. We are very lucky to have the power to change our own inside world, because when we do, the world outside starts to change too.

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