Friday, 28 December 2012

Personal Insults - The Weaklings Defence

The thing about personal insults of any kind is that it's all about asserting dominance over the target by bullying them.

Yeah, it's about power. They felt that in the argument, discussion or situation, you had more power than them. They wanted to take away some of your power.

What's the easiest thing to go after, regarding a woman's power? Yep, it's her physical appearance. For man it is his virility or wealth that are the normal targets.

It's a case of them trying to rectify a perceived imbalance of power. If they feel you are out of their league or somehow better than them through their own insecurities -- because of looks, social status, a certain confidence in your walk, intelligence, knowledge, having money when they don't. They see you as more powerful than they are. This is an intolerable situation for them, they just can't deal with that psychologically.

Take their nasty epithet as a backhanded tribute. At the moment someone feels the need to insult you personally, you are very powerful.

Try to think of yourself as visibly powerful when people try to take you down like this. Like when you're out asserting your physical being in the world, striding down the street, looking good. Or on a purposeful errand. You are emanating an energy & self-sufficiency that makes those lower in self-esteem & power feel uneasy. Yelling something is their feeble attempt at getting even with you, since they are unable to do it in any other way.

To put it briefly: Own your power. Take it back from them.

You still rule your world. The words they attempt to damage you with didn't change anything.

Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Mary, Maria, Miriam - The Title

Mary and Maria are both from the Hebrew Miriam, which means Strong Waters or Waters Of Strength, or beloved. It was used for females in the Mystery School Order back in ancient times.

My surname today is Douglass, Gaelic elements: dubh which means dark or black, and glas, meaning stream or water. Names with water in them are usually bloodline families, it is to do with the underground stream we keep and the fact all knowledge and wisdom flows from the waters of the Goddess.

Back in ancient times we didn't have surnames, but when a woman was named Miriam, Maria, Mary, it meant she was bloodline, and men John (Yochanan) or Joseph (Yosef), they were the titles for men, meaning YAHWEH.

These days in our Order all the women are named the Latin term Soror, which means sister, this is the same as calling someone Mary or Miriam. The men are called Frater, which is Latin for brother.

Hatred Towards O Negs

Many have been posting under one of our YouTube videos saying that they are O neg and have found that throughout their life they have been rejected and judged by strangers all the time, sometimes aggressively and for doing nothing other than being friendly. How many O negs also find this? Are you not O neg but find this? What is your blood group? Do you feel it is because they sense we are different? I have had my fair share of people attacking me for no reason and wanting to destroy me for doing nothing to them at all, so I can understand where they are coming from. I am O neg.

Do you feel like you are having to censor your thoughts so as to not offend 'the others'? As it is meant to be helpful truth, not hurtful, but people seem to want to be lied to?

Do people start accusing you of being angry just for sticking up for yourself? Even if it is just by text and they can not hear your voice or see your expressions?

Unfortunately It has been programmed into them for generations to dislike us because we are different. They sense it.

I have had it all my life from those not like us. Instead of just going away because we don't get on, or have a clash of personality or they just don't like me, they actively try to destroy me. They spread rumours about me, call me names, tell people I am evil and to avoid me, make out I am some kind of control freak etc.. when all the while they are projecting what they are themselves on to me.

I am too busy sorting out my own life out to want to control anyone else's, which is why I always try to get people to feel empowered, then they can help themselves, rather than seeking out someone else to sort them out. However some take objection to this, as it makes them face their weaknesses and demons, and they then, in their own minds, start to feel inferior to me, so attack.

Seen it time and time again. But the 'norm' of society is unbalanced people, who all cling together in the hope that they won't ever have to change. So when someone is different they hate you for it. Then the chorus of the unbalanced comes... they all start blaming the balanced person who is strong. They all stick together in their hate towards the target, they try to hurt the strong person, anything other than face their own problems and admit they're less than perfect behaviour themselves, actually it is down right nasty behaviour. And they hold on to the hatred for years and years, and at any opportunity they will slander and liable you, to make themselves feel better, because they are such miserable failures.

Good people, balanced people, who stick by you through all your own problems and worries, are very hard to find. Most will use you when they need you for something, and then drop you and to justify their behaviour the lies about you start.

So when you do find good people, who want you around and ask nothing from you but friendship, and sometimes support, as well as offering you that in return. Keep them forever, they are worth it and so are you.

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

21/12/12 Winter Solstice

21/12/12 Winter Solstice is the same as every other year this year, it aligns like this every year. We won't be in Aquarius for a long while yet. Despite what new age pseudoscience websites tell you, there will be no end of the world, no mass extra DNA activation, no special portals, no galactic alien spaceships coming to beam us up, no rapture... But if you are lucky you can join your friends and a lovely Solstice ceremony and party..

Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Gay, Straight, Bi-sexual, Asexual.. Male, Female...Whatever.

The Church of St Mary & St John will be pleased and proud to offer any couple a wonderful tailor made wedding ceremony and/or hand fasting, no matter what your religious/spiritual beliefs, or what sex you or your partner happens to be. We also encourage those who feel the calling the opportunity to go through Holy Orders in our Church working towards becoming a Priest/ess or even a Bishop, no matter what sex, race or sexual preferences you have. For more information please see our website.

Saturday, 8 December 2012

Visual, Auditory or Kinaesthetic?

It doesn't matter how down I am, or how horrible things get, there is one thing that always makes me feel better. It has been with me since I was a little girl, when I surrounded myself with it, dressed in it and collected as many things as possible that are it. That special warm wonderful thing is the colour purple. I have always loved it and it always manages to cheer me up. Still now all these years later it is still with me, making me feel all warm and fuzzy inside when I see its magnificence. I have always been a visual person, and colours are very important to me. In the past I have liked other colours a lot as well, in phases, but no other colour has ever compared to my purple, not ever. If you don't have a special colour, you are probably not a visual person. Although if the sight of something relaxes you more than anything else... like tree tops swaying, watching the sea, looking at a beautiful landscape, then you could be a visual person too.

Everyone has a sense that is more acute in them, three of the five sensory based modes seem to dominate in mental processing:
  • Visual thoughts - sight, mental imagery, spatial awareness.
  • Auditory (or linguistic) thoughts - sound, speech, dialogue, white noise.
  • Kinaesthetic (or proprioceptive) sense - somatic feelings in the body, temperature, pressure, and also emotion.
The other two senses, gustatory (taste) and olfactory (smell), which are closely associated, often seem to be less significant in general mental processing, and are often considered jointly as one.

If you are Auditory person music will comfort and relax you more than anything else, or even talking. An Auditory person is more likely to feel stressed in complete silence than the other groups. Hearing the singing of birds, the sea waves rolling in and out or even white noise, is much more relaxing to them.

Maybe you get comfort from being hugged, or wrapped up in something soft and snugly more than anything else? Then you a Kinaesthetic person, who is more in touch with feelings and needs to be touched, and feel textures against you, to feel comforted.

Which are you? It is certainly something interesting to think about, and will also help you understand better what will cheer you up when you are feeling low.

Sunday, 25 November 2012

Rh Negative Bloodline Genetics

Do you have Rh negative blood?

Don't be fooled by disinformation agents and their Facebook pages and websites making claims that Y DNA R1b is the Rh negative gene. There might be high percentages of type O blood in the Basque area, and this is because it is the place most of the Cro-Magons first created were based, when the Neandethals bred with the simian people they created. That area will then have mostly O positive, O negative, A positive and A negative blood types from the mixing. R1b is Cro-Magnon DNA, not Neanderthal, they are Hybrids, not pure. It would be silly to claim that Rh neg blood has its origin in R1b, especially as R1b came into the UK and Ireland much later than the I and J lines. R1b is the most common group of all in Europe, and yet Rh neg is very rare. I and J males carry the Rh neg genetics and mtDNA H and U groups. mtDNA haplogroup U is the most common in the Basque area, meaning the Cro-Magnon R1b males were breeding with pure blooded females. That is why so many of them have O negative blood, nothing to do with R1b.

Some people are determined to spread false information, they are either completely ignorant or just don't check their facts and just copy and paste other peoples false information.

Also see:

Friday, 23 November 2012


Do you find yourself noticing 11:11 a lot?

It seems that a lot of people do and how many is increasing as we move into the Age of Aquarius. We have all sensed that the Divine Feminine is returning. We know at our core that the world is off balance, that the truth needs to be known and accepted, and that the time for hiding all of this has gone. 

You may understand this intuitively, on an instinctual level, and are tapping into genetic memories of a time when all the Earth's children were more spiritually attuned to the Great Goddess.

Today, we would like to show one of the most interesting patterns we have seen that was made with the Numegalogy software, which handles the math and pattern drawing. 

For further information about the specific operations used by Numegalogy and how the system has evolved, please check out the main page of the project wiki.

This mathematical art seems to agree that there is a connection between the appearance of 11, the Divine Feminine, and our spiritual needs at this time. It appears most of us have never seen anything quite like this before.

Numegalogy "Classic Mode"

Observations & Interpretations

11:11 formed by the 9's, including the colon in the center. The first 11 is formed with two of the 48372516 sequence and one 51627384, the second 11 is the opposite.

An 11 is both a 1 and a 2, thus it represents balance between feminine and masculine energy. 1 is the number of the Sun and 2 is the number of the Moon. 1 is the Magician/High Priest, 2 is the High Priestess. So this number also represents the alchemical reaction created during The Great Rite

639 in the center, illumination of heart and mind
Serpent Goddess, Kundalini awakening

The total is the 369 series, see Life in Numbers for more.

Some of the keyword associations and symbolic meanings are: truth, justice, balance, unity, duality, individuation, partnership, harmony, and enlightenment.

The Goddess is Awake...are you?

Parts of this post are &copy 2010-2014 Numegalogy Project. All Rights Reserved.
Published with permission and blessings from Soror Ennea, LKHT

Monday, 12 November 2012

Seeking Advice?

I am getting a lot of emails from people asking for my advice, and so I feel I must post this. I am not here to offer advice to people, or tell them what they should or shouldn't be doing in their life. I am very busy writing my book as well as a hundred other things for our movement, that will help EVERYONE long term. Best thing you can do is start trusting your own intuition about the situations you find yourself in, in your life. Or maybe ask for advice in our group?

I am sorry I can not help you, but I have so much to sort out here myself. I am sure that you understand that I can't be all things to all people.  I offer Tarot Readings, Sapentia, Hypnosis Sessions, 1-2-1 Teachings, which all help people and also raise more money for the movement and Theomerla at the same time. That is the only kind of direct personal guidance I give to people, other than those within our Order and Church.

I am sure you understand, I don't want to just ignore your call for help but there isn't much I can do from here. You might want to seek help privately from one of our other Clergy or Members, and it is up to them personally if they want to offer advice, but really you should always follow your own heart and intuition about any guidance you are given. The answers are within.


Tau Tia L Douglass

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

American Election Mind Control

Americans, are you taking a side in the red and blue game of chess? If you do you are admitting you are just a pawn. 'But women fought for the right to vote, we should vote, they say'. Yup, mind control tactics. You see they know that no matter who wins, they win, so they love the pantomime, the whole divide and conquer game is being played at its best and most powerful at this time. Because they know that so long as the people all believe they have a choice, the game will continue. If you hate someone for voting for the other side, you are under mind control. No doubt about it. If you vote, you are under mind control, because it means you actually believe for one moment it is going to make a difference. So argue with people for a few weeks about which colour is best, then rush to vote and then sit back down before your TV, drink some more fluoride and eat some more GMO and feel of happy that you made and effort to change the world. Ignorance is bliss after all.

This goes for other countries too, including the UK.

Sunday, 28 October 2012

Can you become a Priest/ess?

I was reading a site the other day, someone who was telling everyone he isn't a guru and that he wants to empower everyone. He has built up a large following. I wondered about contacting him, maybe he could help with our movement, seeing as he was appearing to be doing something similar. Then I saw his posts about DNA activation and other rubbish, and I realised he is just another greedy selfish eagle, selling lies to people who are still trap in selfish false ego. Because lets face it, people will always go the easy and lazy path first. They want to be told they can activate their DNA and become enlightened by just doing a chant and sending money to this cause or that cause. They want to pay for fake initiations which involve fake ceremonies and no work or effort on their part, so long as they pay, because money is everything in this world right? And the 'I'm not a guru' guy just needs more and more of it, in order to enlighten you to the truth, right? Wrong. To become a better person, you have to take responsibility for your own path, you have to do the work yourself, no one else can wave a magick wand and make you a Priest or Priestess, you have to do it yourself. Take the easy, lazy path to nothing and no changes if you feel inclined, but then don't wonder why you achieve nothing but emptiness and pain. What a shock it is to people when they join our Church and realise they are going to have to do some work, learn some things and connect to their own Higher Self in order to deserve the title Priest/ess. Everyone might deserve the chance of becoming a Priest/ess, it doesn't mean everyone will have the courage and strength to make it.

Reaching Our True Potential - Clan Living

I don't give my knowledge to others so that they will follow me, or look up to me. I do it so they realise who and what they are, how much they have been lied to and in turn it will empower them. The world doesn't need more mindless slaves, it needs more knowledgeable teachers and leaders, who can help everyone else realise who they are and empower them too.

In a world where everyone has independent thought, who know who they are, what they are and their true Will and purpose there would be no need for war. People who can think for themselves and be responsible for themselves as well as others, will have no need to look up to others as gurus. They will be more willing to take their true place in a clan, as they will know their own unique role and how they fit in.

This man works in the fields all day, growing crops and tending animals. He feels a great sense of pride in his work, as he knows his work feeds the clan.

This woman is a Mother, who brings new life to the clan. She is there for the children constantly, no need for a nanny. She enjoys her work, as she knows she is creating the clan of the future.

This man is an Artist, he decorates the clan buildings with his works of Art, he is happy that he can spend his life creating things that will delight and inspire everyone in the clan.

This woman is wise and spiritual, she loves to arrange ceremonies and festivals for the whole clan to enjoy, and to teach the young ones about the past.

This man has a passion for making and building things, he loves to provide cover and protection to the clan, by building them beautiful homes that keep them safe from the elements.

This woman is a natural healer, she knows which herbs will heal and how to comfort the ill.

This man and woman are getting older now, and so they spend their time teaching their craft to those younger than them. They are happy to be passing their knowledge on and the respect they have gained from their pupils for teaching them these important skills.

There are so many more roles in a clan, that don't feel like work, as they come naturally. It is all about giving and only taking what we need. It is more important to give, as this creates more happiness than just taking ever can.

When you are living in a natural clan type community, something that is missing these days, everyone has a place and everyone a purpose. Everyone is happy, because they are doing what they love best.

There might be someone who organises things for the clan but that is just another job, like all the others. Just something they are good at and all the other clan members think so too. No ego, no one is better, everyone is important, everyone is equal.

The ego of the spiritually dead would be the only thing stopping someone from wanting to live a life like this. Those who want to control others and force them into work they don't want to do, through their own greed and need to have more than others, which leads to misery and war. Only happy people living life doing the things they were always meant to do, in small clans, leads to a world without war.

How can we ever recover this? How can we learn to use modern technology to make this kind of lifestyle better than it might have been in the past? How can we learn to live in harmony with nature and not destroy it? Maybe it is something that needs to start small, and then spread? Maybe we have the power to start something like this now? What scares us so much for leaving the 9-5 slog in a dead end job, that makes us feel ill, stressed and lifeless? Maybe nothing, have you had enough?

Let's make it happen

Sunday, 14 October 2012

Your World Revolves Around You

How often are we told that the world doesn't revolve around us? Meaning that we are not important in the bigger picture and shouldn't be egomaniacs. However your world does revolve around you, and it can be very freeing and empowering, without egotism, to know this. You are the one who decides what you are going to do with your life, more so in the western world. You are the most important person in your world because you are the one who creates your reality every single day, and you do it all alone. So maybe it is about time you starting trusting yourself more? Why live in someone else's world, when you can live in your own? If you are the King or Queen of your own world you don't feel the need to control anyone else's or put trust in anyone else's world view over your own.

You can practice learning how to trust yourself again simply by using your imagination, like you used to when you were a child. Take a day, more if possible, and be completely alone without distractions. Think up a new world in which you live in, where everything is as you want it. You are the world leader, what rules are in your world? Take time to think about how your world would be, how your reality would be if it were exactly as you wanted it.

This session will be very telling, it might be a negative experience. You might find yourself wanting more money, more material goods, being the most beautiful. This is a product of other peoples worlds effecting yours. Try instead to imagine if we don't need money and looks don't matter, see the bigger picture.

If you find this hard, and too big to tackle, try just imagining the perfect day that would truly make you happy.

Now live it, pretend for just that day that everything you want your world to be, it is. Live it, be it, create it. Just use your imagination and pretend.

After your day is over you will find that you have been living seeing the world through other peoples eyes, and not your own. You have been making do with living in someone else's world, and it is less than perfect isn't it?

Now you know how your world should really be you can start making your world a reality and living it. We are very lucky to have the power to change our own inside world, because when we do, the world outside starts to change too.

Friday, 5 October 2012

Emails from Trolls

I received this email today, and thought I would translate into the literal meaning.

Name Cass Knowels


Comment I normally don't respond to these types of things - but - you guys are scary. I hope you don't get any traction with your "religion".

You put a lot of emphasis on the control structures. Well, I am not a part of the "control structure" and my life has turned out fine. When you vibrate at a high level, it as though you become a citizen of another realm.

You never mentioned Law of Attraction, Sacred Geometry, Thoth, The Emerald Tablets ("As Above So Below"), why the Dogon know about String Theory, and the number of subabtomic particles, the Spirit itself, nor 2012 - and the obvious DNA upgrade taking place all over the world (evidence by people seeing double and triple numbers). You say that reincarnation does not exist - but - is it really - reincarnation does not exist for you and others of the same/similar DNA type?

I had hoped that the New Age/Spiritual movement would be free of the interference of those who try to make separations based upon race (using divide and conquer) - but alas - there is always some faction out there that tries to poison the well with their backwards thinking.  


Name Cass Knowels (I will put my name down to show I mean business)

Email (I won't provide a real email address as I am pathetic coward big mouth who likes to troll and run, without having any come back)

Comment I am normally a miserable whinging moaner who has nothing better to do than attack and harass people I know nothing about, but think I am an expert on what they are doing and why, just by watching one video. Which I skipped through because I didn't have the necessary attention span to watch it properly. I will say you are dangerous because I don't like to admit I am part of the problem and refuse to become part of the solution.

I am completely brainwashed by the New Age movement, so I am completely against the idea you put a across about everyone finding their own Will and doing their own thing, being their own boss, because I can not think for myself. Therefore I will imply you are trying to control people. I think I am spiritual and enlightened and that my shit doesn't stink like everyone else's, so I will make up some pseudoscience New Age bs about me having ascended into a different realm in order to make me sound spiritual and enlightened.

Now even though I haven't read your web site, or watched all your videos, or know anything about what you do and don't mention.. I am going to rhyme off some things I have heard my New Age Gurus talking about, even though they have little or no knowledge of the subjects themselves. This will give you the impression I know what I am talking about, throw in 'as above, so below' because I see Occultists mention this a lot, even though I have no idea of the meaning of it. DNA upgrades, oh yes that is so true, so true in fact there is lots of evidence, but I haven't provided my email address so you can't ask me to show you any of it. Because I am still a child mentally I need to believe stories told by patriarchal religions, to the simple folk, so I believe in reincarnation and so will imply that there is something wrong with you if you don't.

I believe the bs I have been fed by the mainstream New Age movement, like I am supposed to. So anyone who dares to say anything different than what I have been taught by these highly paid psyops, freemasons, religious nutters and con men will be told they are racist and backwards.

---END translation.

Unfortunately the Simples who fall for this bs, are taught to police everyone else and attack them for daring to be different. This is just one example of the many emails and comments I get day in and day out. All they do is prove to me all the more that those of us who are getting involved in our movement are indeed an advanced species. As Mary Magdalene said, "The truth can only hurt us when we refuse to accept it, acceptance is the key to start on the path to finding inner peace. We choose not which line into which we are born, therefore we should find peace in our differences and strengths, as much as our similarities and weaknesses." You have to accept what line you are born into and the truth, or you can not have peace. Covering it up will not and has not brought peace, it is time the truth was known by all and Simples like this will not stop us.

Thursday, 4 October 2012

Resist the urge

Sometimes no matter how strongly you dislike or distrust a person, it is better to keep your mouth shut and let the person involved with them make their own mistakes. It is hard to do, but the person will not thank you for your opinion, they will attack you and you will end up looking like the bad one. They will twist your words and make out you are trying to control them, just because you want to help them. This is also true of people who come to you begging for advice about someone. They already know themselves the person they are involved with is bad news, but they want someone to lie to them and say how wonderful they are. They can not handle the truth, they don't want to accept it and so you become the victim of all their pent up anger and insecurity that they hide. They would rather fool themselves and take the long route to truth, than be told by someone else.

Monday, 1 October 2012

Magick Memories

I am just going through some of my old magick dairies as I am putting some of it in part 3 of the book, and oh wow, what memories. It was so so magickal discovering all the amazing things I did, and the having the fantastic dreams, and feeling even more magickal than I ever had before, just as I was finally leaving the path of the fool and moving on. Priceless experiences, I feel such a sense of excitement when I think of others just starting out on the path, and all the things they will discover.

Sunday, 30 September 2012

Hidden Meanings

When something is hidden well, disguised, seen as something that it isn't, this can cause the most alarm of all. It can brew up hatred, fear, jealousy and all manner of things.

A long time ago (over 7 years) I hid a very important message somewhere, and released it free on to the world. Since then I have not heard the end of it.

Destiny has a way of doing good that most of the time isn't even wanted, and it is hid from us, protested against and demonised.

Don't listen to others that you no longer want to hear, listen to your own inner voice and learn from it.

Wrote 15th February 2010 - Tau Tia L Douglass

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

You are special, a chosen one.

If someone else comes to you and tells you your life mission and reason for being here and you believe them, you are a fool. You haven't found enlightenment and you haven't found out how special you are or your mission and reason for being here, because it isn't your reason for being here. It is just cheap talk from someone who is telling you what you want to hear, someone who doesn't know you. You believing them means you don't even know yourself, so how on Earth could they know you better?

Sunday, 5 August 2012

What Is False Ego?

False ego is the programmed by society version of yourself, like a mask we hide behind in order to fit in with others who are in false ego. The real ego is just your sense of self. But you can not know your real ego unless you have removed the false one, by connecting to your Higher Self. Then you can tell which is false and which is programmed. Before that it is hard to tell.

You might think that voice in your head is you, but it is thinking with words, and words were created by others, so how can you know who or what is thinking those words? Unless you get even deeper and realise who or what is thinking those words and why it is thinking those words in that way.

For example you might think to yourself that you are not good enough. Who says you are not good enough? How do you know that whoever said the words that made you think you are not good enough was right about it? They don't know you better than you, or do they? Is it really you who thinks you are not good enough, or something someone else told you years ago and it attached itself to your false ego and now your false ego is believing it?

It is very hard to change once your false ego has accepted something. It is what 'knowing thyself' is all about, finding the authentic you, the one that isn't trying to please others, or fit in, or impress anyone.

Wednesday, 1 August 2012


Why do so many see conflict as negative? It is how we learn about ourselves, and what is important to us, and what stands up to be tested. If something doesn't stand up when someone else disagrees with it, then it means you should let go of it, instead of stubbornly holding on to it and then hating the person for showing you the truth. It is that realisation that what we believe to be true, isn't always, that helps us find out who we really are and what things we only believe because we have been programmed to believe them. So when someone runs away at the first signs of someone disagreeing with them, it means they are unwilling to be proven wrong.

Monday, 30 July 2012

The Racist Blame Game - Black Vs White

Wouldn't it be nice if people would stop seeing only differences in others and start to see what things make us all the same? Why do some black people think ALL white people are evil and why do some white people think that ALL black people are? I was told just recently by an African American that white people are to blame for all the worlds problems, wars and murder. He said that 'everyone' knows that black people created all the esoteric teachings and that every Mystery School teaches that. Strange that seeing as I spoke to someone else who happened to be white and in another Masonic Order who was saying that white people created all of civilised society and that if it weren't for white people those black primitives would have all killed themselves by now, and that everyone involved in the 'Mystery Schools' knows that. Erm no, not in genuine Mystery Schools like ours.

Well I have news for you, both of you are wrong and you have been played. You are very much trapped in the game, and that game is creating division, hate and competition and not by mistake, that is what the game the Eagles play is all about. Keeping everyone so consumed with hate and a sense of entitlement, that they never even notice they are part of the game and the people they are directing their hate towards have nothing to do with how things are, because they are just as misguided, brainwashed and programmed as they are.

Masonic Orders brainwash and control, not enlighten. The whole thing about them is to get people hooked so they can control them. The Orders in black areas will tell the black ones what they want to hear and the ones in white areas will do the same. All the time those involved are hooked they are buying into the game. They are told how special they are, and their false egos lap it up and use it to get even more embroiled in the material world. It is the same trick used by all religions, so many traps for people to fall into and they are all part of the game, and they are all run by the same people, there are no sides apart from us against those who run the game.

If they were enlightened they would stop this nonsense, learn the true facts about the past, get over it and move on. Nothing we do now is going to change what happened in the past, so what is the point of playing the blame game? The true teachings are now available to anyone, and it doesn't matter what your genes are, you just have to want to help yourself, and then you can help others.

Once you escape the game you will be surprised at just how stupid the game looks when you see the big picture.

Be the change you want to see in the world

Be the change you want to see in the world -Gandhi. One of the most misunderstood quotes of our time. Gandhi didn't mean to do nothing to change the world but sit on your arse. He implied that first you must work on yourself, then when you yourself have changed, you can then effect the world positively, not by sitting about meditating, but by the art of 'doing'. Gandhi travelled far and wide, did so much work spreading his teachings. He was 'doing', follow his example and change yourself first, then set about 'doing' something about the mess the world is in.
The New Age Movement tells people constantly that 'We are all one' and that we have to do nothing but sit meditating to save the Earth and ourselves.
We might all come from the same source, but we are not all one. If we become trapped within our own false egos we return to the source as a thousand pieces, and yes become part of the whole 'one' again. The idea is to grown up and realise we are responsible for ourselves.
They also tell us to think with the heart and not the mind. Your Higher Self is the thing you should be thinking with, as well as having an open heart chakra. If you open your heart chakra without connecting to your Higher Self you are taken in by these things that trap you here in the 'one' and are easier for the eagles to manipulate and control you. Do not stop at the heart chakra, you must push forwards and active your other higher chakras fully too, your throat, your third eye and your crown, otherwise you are not complete.
We can only true help others reach their full potential once we have ourselves, because then we can detach and see the big picture. The New Age Movement tries to stop people realising their full potential by telling us we are all one, no need to become whole ourselves. This means we never grown up.

Monday, 23 July 2012

Dark Night of the Soul

I catch the scent of desperation from someone instantly, and it is normally those who are stuck in the abyss. They often say they want to help others, but ultimately they will damage others if they are not careful, as they first need to look at themselves.
They tend towards being passive aggressive, they don't mean to, they just can't help themselves when they are faced with someone stronger than them. They often make remarks intended to belittle the person they feel is stronger than them, in order to make themselves feel better. They even model their targets behaviour, in the hope that they might gain the respect they have.
This person is stuck in the dark night of the soul, and is desperately unhappy, yet trying to show a happy face to the world. But it can not be hidden, people do pick up the vibes and back away, causing the frustration to get worse. All they need to do is stop trying to be everything to others, stop trying to be something they are not, stop trying to show a false public image, because you are fooling no one. Instead remember to look inside and realise what you need to do to heal yourself first, before offering to help others. You can not help others when you are trapped in your own self made hell.

Tau Tia L Douglass - Gnostic Bishop

Are You A Guru?

So what is it with all these damaged egotistical people who call themselves a 'guru'? If I see anyone call themselves a guru I instantly know they are insecure and seeking attention. We might be able to seek to learn things from others, get help or advice, but to look upon another person as a guru is just wrong. We are all gurus, but only to ourselves, no one else, everyone else's path is their own and we each have to make our decisions and find our own way. The new age movement is creating monsters who want to be everyone's guru and in the long term it isn't doing the 'guru' any good either if people allow them to be theirs. No one else is your 'master' or 'teacher' but you. No one else knows you as well as you do, and no one else will always be there, only you. We each only have ourselves to rely on. Realising this is the first step to spiritually growing up.

Saturday, 7 July 2012

The Children of The Serpent

Thousands of years before Sapiens were created using our genes mixed with those of simians, we were exploring the planet. Our red headed ancestors were building stone circles, underground caves, mounds and pyramids. There is no part of the planet we have not been to long before Sapiens were even thought of. We painted our homes with elaborate images, we were in tune with nature and never took more than we needed, and always gave back to the Great Mother. We are the Shamans of old, performing beautiful ceremonies under the full Moon as we played our tribal drums and other instruments. Later when the less intelligent Sapiens started to breed without foresight and conquer with greed, they tried to wipe us all out. They thought peace loving nature worshippers were less intelligent than them with their dog eat dog culture. They wanted to murder all the 'red headed giants' and make sure no one knew the truth about the past.

Only now the Sapiens are finally catching up in intelligence to us, they know about DNA, and the truth about us is finally being revealed. Respect our ancient bloodline, we were here a long time before you, and if you listen to us, rather than demonising us, you might just learn how to live in harmony with nature, like we used to, and then the Great Mother can heal. Who are we? Sapiens have given us many names, all of which are meant as insults, or have come to mean insults, we are Neanderthals, Fairies, Witches, Seers, Dragons, Vampires, Nephilim, Elves, Watchers, Anunaki, Magickians. We are the Spiritual Royalty, Shamans, Titans, Cloud People, the teachers of Gnosis and Sophia. We are the children of the serpent, the grail children.

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

The Serpent Line

This is a photo of an old map that is on my lounge wall. People look at it and don't think anything of it, others don't even notice it. Little do they know how rare this map is, because it shows the sine line, which has been purposely removed from modern maps. It was a gift from a 'family' member many years ago when I was doing my training.

Everyday the Sun moves through your body, Aries in the head, and Pisces in the feet. Sun rise corresponds with Spring, noon with Summer, evening with Autumn, midnight with Winter. Everyday the cycle is turning, with the month, year and age on a larger scale to it. 24 hours a day, 12 hours in summer, 12 in winter. Dark and light, good and evil. For Summer months we can 'live' while the earth bears its fruit, and in the winter all things die and that is the reverse there for evil, as evil is reverse of live. In Summer we lived, and in winter there was the devil, again reversed. There are no devils, just dark and light, summer and winter and all religions are based on the lies about these things.

When you know that the day is the same as the year, is the same as your body, which corresponds to your chakras, you can begin to see the connection to all things. The sine wave, the serpent line which forms the S with the equator through the middle even creates the dollar sign.

Monday, 21 May 2012

Reincarnation & Karma

When asked what we believe about reincarnation and karma, our reply:

We believe in karma, in that, if someone is a nasty horrible person, then something will happen in the future to get them back for it. And if someone is always hating on others, they will be taught a lesson. But that is all within this lifetime. We can not be responsible for the decisions of our ancestors.

Saying that though, we should not deny it or try to cover it up.

Genetic memory is what causes us to remember things from the past. All animals have this. It is why we instinctively look for a nipple to feed on when we are babies, and many other things, we just know.

This is our only chance, in this lifetime, to become illuminated to the truth. People don't like to accept that, because they don't want to put the work in. Maybe they feel they are too old, or too busy? But the journey does involve removing all attachment to material goods, so when you realise this you have more time, as you aren't constantly working all hours in the hope of owning more 'things'. After that process is over, and you have learnt the truth, you then have things come to you naturally anyway. But you have to let go first, before that happens and that includes friends and family (those who try to stop you moving forward have to be removed, or you are allowing them to stop you and take your free will, and you will be left with a longing and wish that you had just done it and not listened to all those negative thoughts they feed you), you have to remove yourself from all desires, all addictions and all 'wants', a complete rebirth into a new pure being who is not influenced by the Will of others, and eventually you do find your own true Will. Anyone is capable of getting there, fear is what stops most people, or things like gods and reincarnation, which gives people an excuse to do nothing and think they get second chances somewhere else, or someone else is going to sort it for them, if they just repent. The truth hurts, we have to do it all ourselves, and people run a mile from that responsibility.... and the slaves shall serve.

It is our choice and ours alone, if we seek and keep seeking we find.

We do think it is wrong that people are programmed and lied to by religions etc, which is why we have gone public and now offer the Esoteric Comparative Theology course to the public. Now no one has any excuses.

Monday, 7 May 2012

Why so much anger and hate are directed at those who stand out?

We all have very high standards for ourselves and we don't like to see ourselves as not meeting our own expectations. We naturally try as hard as we are able to meet our own goals, so "trying harder" is not a solution. We certainly don't want to lower our expectations either, so instead of living with the feeling that we haven't reached our true potential, and feeling powerless, people tend to adjust their image of themselves instead. This temporarily solves the crisis; our expectations are intact and we don't have to try and improve our behaviour and performance to a level above what is possible for us.

Unfortunately, this image shift has some rather undesirable side-effects. Whenever we have thoughts or feelings that do not fit in with our superior self image, when we are ashamed of our thoughts, we shove those thoughts and feelings out of our conscious attention. We are afraid of such thoughts, they threaten our self-image at a fundamental level.

These thoughts do not go away, they are still in our minds. Thoughts have their own energy whether we are paying attention to them or not. Similar thoughts attract one another and form structures. People who are involved in creative mental tasks experienced this constantly. When they work with related thoughts and ideas, these thoughts begin to form themselves into hierarchies and patterns. Thoughts that we fear are no different; they create mental landscapes of what we fear the most within our own minds.

When something reminds us of these fearful thought structures, we experience a sudden surge of hatred, fear, or disgust as our conscious attention is momentarily focused on our unacceptable thoughts. Because we cannot accept these thoughts as part of ourselves, we assume that the feelings they generate are coming from whatever or whoever reminded us of them. This is called projection. Anyone that seems vaguely menacing can cause us to project our own suppressed anger onto them. This anger seems to be separate from "our own" thoughts, making it easy to believe that the anger or threat is coming from the other person. Someone with different ideas or customs can prompt us to project any anti-social or simply unconventional thoughts of our own that disturbed or disgusted us, making the person before us seems disturbing or dangerous. Depending on the force of our suppressed feelings, people who are in fact harmless can appear to be capable of bringing down civilization.

Well, that was a long exposition, but it boils down to this. The more you accept your own thoughts as normal and natural, whether they offend your sense of decency or not, the more clearly you will be able to see the world. Convincing others of this could be a problem, however.

When the projection turns to violence.

There is one thing that makes people feel enough rage to commit violence, and that is a feeling of powerlessness. If people feel that they have no control over their destiny and environment, if they feel that they cannot act effectively, then they can reach a point where they believe that nothing short of violence can change their situation.

Acting effectively requires you to influence other people and to control your environment. To influence other people, they must respect you and be willing to listen to what you have to say. To control your environment, you must understand it, have the skills to affect it, and be permitted to act on it.

It should be clear that these conditions are not met very often in our society. Many people in our society are alienated from one another and have few opportunities to exert any real influence on one another. Many poor and uneducated people do not have any control over their environment whatsoever.

However, powerlessness is not the only ingredient in violence. The real question is not why people are violent, but why so many men are violent. Although women are just as capable of violence as men, crime statistics show that it is not women who are turning our urban environments into war zones.

Both men and women must abide by certain expectations. Even though people have few instincts and all of our adult behaviour is learnt, we labour under the misconception that men and women are biologically destined to behave completely differently. Women are supposed to be yielding, they are not expected to forcefully express their own wants and needs. Men are supposed to be dominant and commanding, and are regarded as weak if they express any tendencies to yield or to behave in a "feminine" way.

As psychologists have discovered, however, the most mentally healthy people express emotional and behavioural characteristics traditionally assigned to both sexes. The fully functioning human can be either forceful or gentle, commanding or submissive, strong or yielding, as the situation requires. Unfortunately, the acceptable range of emotions for men is rather narrow, and what happens is that men must express all of their emotional energy through the few emotions available to them. This leads to rather exaggerated expressions of strength and virility.

Now, couple this self-image men have of strength and domination with the feelings of powerlessness rife in our society, and you have a recipe for disaster. Men must express their exaggerated sense of dominance, but they are rendered impotent by their inability to act with any effectiveness. To these men, violence seems to be the only way to affect their environment.

This will continue to be a problem until men are raised differently, or do the Great Work.

Thursday, 3 May 2012

Do you fear change?

Ever start to doubt we need to change things? Do you ever start to believe we have things good and don't want them to change? That is your selfish eagle side. Since now more and more are activating their serpent side, this is leading to confusion within them. One moment they want to change the world, the next they act like scared little rabbits, living in fear and slipping back into the selfish, me me me, mindset of the eagle, which is childish and irresponsible, but easy. There is nothing to fear from change, everything is always changing, you can not keep things from changing, it happens with our without your permission. So flow with the wave of serpent energy and allow the world to heal, banish your fear and controlling nature, for the good of everyone.

Friday, 20 April 2012

What Would Mary Magdalene Do?

This is a new page, I thought it would be nice for us to have a page that is about the Divine Feminine and what she would do. Often women are confused these days about how they should act, when they are bombarded with the idea that they should become like men to fit into a patriarchal world, and use buying shoes and hangbags as a way to escape the confusion and pain. But do you think Mary Magdalene would use retail therapy? Maybe she would use her energy, time and resources on something that can help heal the world instead?

Monday, 2 April 2012

The Pain of Knowing

The World can be such a lonely place for those who have reached a high level of attainment. It isn't like you look down on others for not being able to see through the bullshit, it is just that you wish they could and that you could some how speed things up for them. Then they will take action in making changes to the world, because they too will be able to see the big picture. But no, you live your life surrounded by those who don't realise how clueless they are, I know because I used to be just like them.

So thank you so much to those of you who are round me who DO get it, and are helping in the quest to free everyone from their mental slavery, cut through the lies and bring truth.

Generation upon generation has been lied to, with fake choices to choose, tricking them into thinking they have a choice. They don't have a choice in the current system, and that is why it needs to be removed. We are playing a numbers game, once enough people have woken up to the big picture, more will start to wake up and the chain reaction occurs. But along the way there are plenty of distractions to stop people waking up, and many give up and sink back into the game that they can never win, becoming just a pawn. The only way to win the game, is to realise you are in one, and play 'them' at their own game. This is what the
BE THE SOLUTION movement is about and it is growing and will more with your help. Thank you.

The pain of knowing, is much easier to cope with, than the pain of uncertainty, or the pain of not living to your true potential.

Thursday, 29 March 2012

Three Tiring Things

Three things I get tired of hearing day in and day out are:

1, You are a feminazi, man hating bitch, whose Dad abused you or a man hurt you in the past.

2, You have to prove to me about this, that and the other. Because the person accusing me of just making up crap is too lazy, stupid or probably both, to do the research themselves. This isn't just about one topic, it is about most of the stuff I put out there, because it is controversial to the programmed herd who can not accept they have been lied to their entire life, so they attack anyone who dares to stand up and say any different, and constantly whinging on about them 'proving' things to them, even when all the proof is there right in front of them.

3, You are a devil worshipper, working for the dark side, you kill people in rituals, you murder babies, you are cold hearted reptiles, you are this, you are that.

All three of the above are complete bullshit, and you can keep saying it until the cows come home but it isn't going to make it true.

Monday, 19 March 2012

When The Lights Go Out

On death we each become our own judge. If we have led a good life our Higher Self will make the experience wonderful, because we have no guilt. If we have been horrible to others, lied, cheated, blamed others for our own problems, shown no love or empathy for others, then our Higher Self knows this and we will experience something very nasty indeed. I am not talking about how we die, I am talking about what we experience as the lights are going out. If your religion teaches you to hate others and be cold hearted to the suffering of others, you will be the one who experiences hell, not those you think of as 'sinners'. - Tau Tia

Sunday, 18 March 2012

Angry Anarchistic Feminists

The whole concept of anarchy is completely ridiculous and unworkable. The idea that people need no leaders at all is both wishful thinking and ludicrous. How men treat women now is bad enough, imagine if they were given no guidance or rules to tell them right from wrong? To tell men that anything is acceptable? Because without parents to give guidance to a child's upbringing we would just create monsters who have no sense of right from wrong, parents are leaders too. The only people on the planet who do have a true and real sense about what is important are those who have worked on themselves spiritually, because they have come to know altruism. Religion is completely different entity to Spirituality. Before someone awakens spiritually they see everything they dislike with anger and seek revenge. Women being naturally tantric don't take much work to waken spiritually, but men do, and in society women are being taught to be more like men, aggressive, filled with hate, uncaring, promiscuous, little or no self respect. Women are taught to care more about personal possessions and what they can get from others, than being loving, caring and compassionate. Which are feminine qualities. There is nothing weak about altruism and feminine qualities, it takes great strength to stand up against the negativity and hate spread about in the world and say, "Enough is enough, why can't we all just do what is right by each other?"

Many people need leaders, because they have had their spirituality switched off over many generations. Like it or not men will always need them, and it is women, spiritually aware ones that should be stepping up and giving them that guidance as was always the way in the past. Priestesses would help men become spiritually aware better people, and we can again. But they aren't going to want to listen to women who hate them and are angry about the past. It is up to us women yet again to be the ones to help them help themselves. Because until they have done that, and they have become altruistic, the problems escalate and there will be no end to the battle of the sexes. Men need women for enlightenment, it is simple as that, and we help ourselves by helping them, not hating them. I am sorry if this offends, but I can see the big picture here. I am in no way condoning the bad behaviour of men, I am saying that the ones who haven't become spiritually aware need our help, so they don't become the sexist nasty testosterone poisoned fools they can. And not ALL men are like that, some have learnt from women and become balanced, stable and very respectful of women, with our help they all can. We can LEAD by example.

Friday, 9 March 2012


Still I am told I am inciting violence and hate crimes for talking about the problems with patriarchy.  Yet I am always saying over and over again that violence is what I am against and what I want to put a stop to, and the only way to do that is to remove ALL patriarchy. So yes that means removing Islam, as well as Hindu, Judaism, Christianity etc, and stop the hate and division caused by ALL these patriarchal religions. I will never be tolerant of violence. If someone can worship something without feeling the need to hurt others because of their beliefs, fine, but it seems they can't!! To be tolerant of hate crimes because of someone's religion is disgusting.

Patriarchy effects all people negatively, even men. They are forced to go to wars and get killed and lose limbs, all because of oil and power. The psychopaths who want to keep patriarchy, do so because they like the power and control it gives them, while the rest suffer. They don't care about those soldiers and their families who suffer, or all those innocent people they kill in the countries they rape. They laugh about it, and they laugh about those who continue to support it while they get richer.

Sunday, 4 March 2012

Freemasonry The Truth

What is extremely annoying and disturbing to me, is the same old rubbish being put out there again and again, by people who know exactly what they are doing and why.

Sacred Geometry and Astrotheology have been hidden in plain sight, it is just that most people are or have been to stupid to see it. The RC Church has kept this from us, but wait the Freemasons have kept it safe for us, and they are the good guys. Look, they even worship the Goddess, and a balanced trinity. Oh aren't they good people, all those famous people who have belonged to their Order, all those genius, gosh they are so much more intelligent than us, no wonder they had to keep it all secret from us. Maybe it was an advanced hidden race that had these teachings, they were probably aliens. But aren't we lucky that those 'men' in the past were intelligent and rediscovered the secrets.

Reality - The Freemasons are the same thing as the RC Church, they have worked together for thousands of years to make sure YOU the general public would never become intelligent enough to figure all this out. They stole the teachings from our Shamanistic ancient ancestors Mystery Schools who built Stonehenge and the pyramids and the other fantastic architecture all over the planet. In our Mystery Schools we taught about Astrotheology, Geometry and Spirituality, and how to use these things to see the Divine in all of creation, which all came from the Cosmic womb, Vescia Piscis of the Great Mother Goddess. The societies were all female led, and there was no such thing as wars.

Some of us decided to help nature along a little by giving some simian races our genes, and the result was Cro-Magnons, who eventually took over and killed as many of us as possible, but stole our teachings, but didn't know them all, some were missing. They thought they had killed us all, every time we surfaced they killed us, we have had secret Orders that passed knowledge through the 'Underground Stream' for a long time. We have been releasing more and more knowledge out to the general public, pretending to have just discovered it, etc. Or wrote it as fiction, only way to get it out. Then because the Freemasons noticed this was happening, but they want the real and full knowledge themselves, they set up Universities, a place to hand pick the brightest men and get them to swear oaths of secrecy to them, in return they get great wealth, fame, whatever they want. So long as they were working for them, and keeping the knowledge secret, as it would empower everyone, they don't want that. They especially wanted to make sure women would not get an education, as if women found out the truth about the past, it would mean their patriarchy and power would be taken away from them over time.

These men would keep hold of the power, and rule over the entire world. Yet now we see lots of videos and books telling us what good people they are, they can see the popularity of the RC Church is waning, so they need a new tactic to get everyone on side. Those who have signed oaths, well it is too late for them, they can not escape them, and too scared to come out and tell people the truth. Once a 33 degree Mason, they would never leave anyway. They become selfish idiots who love the power it gives them over others and all that work they had to go through to get the secrets, now why would they just give them to others who they feel are inferior to them? They wouldn't. They do not learn how to become spiritual beings in Freemasonry, they haven't opened their heart chakra, so all that knowledge only leads to psychopaths.

OTO is also part of this, as is Golden Dawn, as is AMORC, as is Theosophical Society, as is the New Age movement, Church of Satan, Wicca, Temple of Set, Sisters of Isis, Judaism, Islam, Sufis, Buddhism, Hindu, all forms of Christianity etc etc. Other projects to con us include: Venus Project, Thrive, Wayseers, KONY 2012, New Age Movement, Lightworkers and many more. All ways of putting those waking up, back to sleep by telling them stupid stories about holographic universes, aliens, DNA activation, Ascended Masters, Angels, Demons and other rubbish. All working for the same thing, to keep humanity trapped in patriarchal mindset forever. You can argue as much as you want about your religion not being patriarchal, but the fact is, if it is mainstream it is. They have been playing this game for a long long time, they are not about to give up easy. They want you to think you have a choice.

Even though we are now coming back out to try and help you all see what is happening, how many of you will truly take notice? Because all these different groups don't seem connected, and in fact some seem to be complete opposite. Remember the black and white squares, it is all a game of chess, and you are one of the pawns.

Monday, 27 February 2012

I AM a Mirror.

A message to all those who have been programmed to go to sleep and never wake up, and live life as a heartless consumer, with a total lack of empathy... by just constantly saying "We choose the life we get, we decide for ourselves which life we are be born into." You are saying then that starving people 'choose' to have no food to eat and starve to death? Do you believe poor homeless people are all sadists? What about children who are born with terrible diseases and problems, they choose that too do they? And women who are sold as slaves and forced to prostitute themselves out for no personal gain of their own.. They choose that life? Children born into a war zone who have to see their parents blown into pieces, as well as their other family members and friends... They choose to enter into a life like that? Children who are abused by perverts, that are sometime even their own parents!! They choose that life?

Talk about the ultimate in ignorance and selfish justification of their luxurious life style while millions suffer worldwide. "I am just a mirror" they ignorantly chant over and over again to anyone who dares to question them. So if a poor person thinks a rich person has lots of money, that means the poor person has lots of money, because the rich person is 'just a mirror'? Get real! Maybe you think your 'love and light' and 'abundant blessings' will change things? Or maybe you just don't care as long as you are OK? Those are the thoughts and actions of a narcissist, and if your spiritual teacher or 'guru' is teaching you to think like that, you can be sure of one thing. They will enjoy the 'abundance' that flows freely to them from the narcissists who require validation from them, who feel that giving these snake oil sales men and women money will mean they don't have to possess a conscience themselves.

Having no compassion for others isn't spiritual, or even honest. Stop lying to yourself and trying to convince everyone else, because it doesn't work. Why not take responsibility for your own life first and dump the guru? Despite what people think about a narcissist they do actually hate themselves, that is why they can't love others... Try learning to open your heart and love yourself, then maybe you will heal yourself and learn to love others too.

Secret teachings revealed by Tau Tia L Douglass - The Church of St Mary & St John. 

Sunday, 26 February 2012

People who change the world

Cautious, apologetic people always walking on egg shells to preserve their reputation, or to be socially accepted, never can bring about change. Those who are really willing to be demonised and cast out, to be shunned by their peers, publicly and privately, to be accused of being an evil person, a control freak, an egotist.,, for daring to break the mould and paint a different picture. Only those people can change the world. They might be hated or admired, it matters not when you have no price because your attainment is high enough to not give a damn about the personal consequences of speaking up, as they know for the world the consequences of not speaking up are in the long run far worse. ~~ Tau Tia

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Be The Solution

If you are serious about wanting to make changes, then please sign this and promote it as much as you can, there is strength in numbers. No matter what we believe, we are going to have to work together to bring real change

Thursday, 9 February 2012

Signs and Symbols of the Grail Bloodline

The Unicorn is symbol of the patriarchal Grail line. The equivalent traditional symbol of the male was a blade or a horn, usually represented by a sword. In the Old Testament's Song of Solomon and in the Psalms of David, the fertile unicorn is associated with the kingly line of Judah - and it was for this very reason that the Cathars of Provence used the mystical beast to symbolise the Grail bloodline. There is much confusion about the female line, as it has been well hidden. However names with water in them, mermaid symbols, stars, shells, chalice and swans all represent the female line. And despite the disinformation, the fleur-de-lys is to represent purity within both patriarchal and matriarchal lines.

Secret teachings revealed by Tau Tia L Douglass - The Church of St Mary & St John.

The Hidden Teachings of Mary Magdalene III

"Within my Chalice is mixed the water and wine, when mingled they form the most precious of Elixirs. This Elixir has the power to transform Princes into Kings. For the King can only be made a King by being anointed with the secret Elixir of his Queen."

~The Hidden Teachings of Mary Magdalene III

Secret teachings revealed by Tau Tia L Douglass - The Church of St Mary & St John.

Thursday, 2 February 2012

Limited Thinking

Are you a limited thinker? Or can you see the big picture?

A limited thinker will say - I'm not perfect, but no one is perfect.

Someone who can see the big picture will say - I am Unique, therefore I am perfect, as however I am, I am the perfect version of me. How could I not be? There is only one of me, and there will never be someone else exactly like me ever again. How can I be too short? Too short compared to what? To you? But you are the perfect version of you, not me! You are perfect too, but you are not the perfect version of me, that is my job. So don't you tell me I am too short, or too tall, or too fat, or too thin, or too young, or too old. Because you are not me, I am me. How I am right NOW is perfect, not how I was before, or how I might be, but how I am right NOW is the perfect version of me.

A limited thinker will judge people on how they look, and tell them how to 'improve' themselves. Someone who can see the big picture will know that you are perfect right NOW.

You can choose to spread the joy yourself right now, you can choose to pick something out about someone, something unique, doesn't have to be looks, anything, and compliment them on it. It will make their day and yours too, try it.

Tau Tia x

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

The Hidden Teachings of Mary Magdalene II

Peter said to Mary "Sister, why are these people so angry that surround us? Why can they not know the peace brought by our teachings?"

Mary answered, saying, "They choose not to look for the answer where they can find it, they seek happiness, but look in the wrong places. They want to find peace, there is no Being not capable of finding this peace, but they have found a truth that pains them and before they can heal they must be ready to walk through the shadows, and welcome the light at the other side."

Peter asked, "What truth can cause so much pain?"

Mary answered, "The truth about times long gone, the truth about the origin to which they belong. To live wanting more than this causes pain, the truth is not what causes the pain."

Peter asked, "Sister, how can someone want more than the truth? Doesn't the truth free us?"

Mary answered, "The truth can only hurt us when we refuse to accept it, acceptance is the key to start on the path to finding inner peace. We choose not which line into which we are born, therefore we should find peace in our differences and strengths, as much as our similarities and weaknesses. The line of the Divine Grail is within our family, this makes it our mission to help and support all our children, of all lines, it matters not which they are born into. For our mistakes we must endure and find balance from the ashes of the torment they create."

The Hidden Teachings of Mary Magdalene. II

Secret teachings revealed by Tau Tia L Douglass - The Church of St Mary & St John.