Tuesday, 22 May 2012

The Serpent Line

This is a photo of an old map that is on my lounge wall. People look at it and don't think anything of it, others don't even notice it. Little do they know how rare this map is, because it shows the sine line, which has been purposely removed from modern maps. It was a gift from a 'family' member many years ago when I was doing my training.

Everyday the Sun moves through your body, Aries in the head, and Pisces in the feet. Sun rise corresponds with Spring, noon with Summer, evening with Autumn, midnight with Winter. Everyday the cycle is turning, with the month, year and age on a larger scale to it. 24 hours a day, 12 hours in summer, 12 in winter. Dark and light, good and evil. For Summer months we can 'live' while the earth bears its fruit, and in the winter all things die and that is the reverse there for evil, as evil is reverse of live. In Summer we lived, and in winter there was the devil, again reversed. There are no devils, just dark and light, summer and winter and all religions are based on the lies about these things.

When you know that the day is the same as the year, is the same as your body, which corresponds to your chakras, you can begin to see the connection to all things. The sine wave, the serpent line which forms the S with the equator through the middle even creates the dollar sign.

Monday, 21 May 2012

Reincarnation & Karma

When asked what we believe about reincarnation and karma, our reply:

We believe in karma, in that, if someone is a nasty horrible person, then something will happen in the future to get them back for it. And if someone is always hating on others, they will be taught a lesson. But that is all within this lifetime. We can not be responsible for the decisions of our ancestors.

Saying that though, we should not deny it or try to cover it up.

Genetic memory is what causes us to remember things from the past. All animals have this. It is why we instinctively look for a nipple to feed on when we are babies, and many other things, we just know.

This is our only chance, in this lifetime, to become illuminated to the truth. People don't like to accept that, because they don't want to put the work in. Maybe they feel they are too old, or too busy? But the journey does involve removing all attachment to material goods, so when you realise this you have more time, as you aren't constantly working all hours in the hope of owning more 'things'. After that process is over, and you have learnt the truth, you then have things come to you naturally anyway. But you have to let go first, before that happens and that includes friends and family (those who try to stop you moving forward have to be removed, or you are allowing them to stop you and take your free will, and you will be left with a longing and wish that you had just done it and not listened to all those negative thoughts they feed you), you have to remove yourself from all desires, all addictions and all 'wants', a complete rebirth into a new pure being who is not influenced by the Will of others, and eventually you do find your own true Will. Anyone is capable of getting there, fear is what stops most people, or things like gods and reincarnation, which gives people an excuse to do nothing and think they get second chances somewhere else, or someone else is going to sort it for them, if they just repent. The truth hurts, we have to do it all ourselves, and people run a mile from that responsibility.... and the slaves shall serve.

It is our choice and ours alone, if we seek and keep seeking we find.

We do think it is wrong that people are programmed and lied to by religions etc, which is why we have gone public and now offer the Esoteric Comparative Theology course to the public. Now no one has any excuses.

Monday, 7 May 2012

Why so much anger and hate are directed at those who stand out?

We all have very high standards for ourselves and we don't like to see ourselves as not meeting our own expectations. We naturally try as hard as we are able to meet our own goals, so "trying harder" is not a solution. We certainly don't want to lower our expectations either, so instead of living with the feeling that we haven't reached our true potential, and feeling powerless, people tend to adjust their image of themselves instead. This temporarily solves the crisis; our expectations are intact and we don't have to try and improve our behaviour and performance to a level above what is possible for us.

Unfortunately, this image shift has some rather undesirable side-effects. Whenever we have thoughts or feelings that do not fit in with our superior self image, when we are ashamed of our thoughts, we shove those thoughts and feelings out of our conscious attention. We are afraid of such thoughts, they threaten our self-image at a fundamental level.

These thoughts do not go away, they are still in our minds. Thoughts have their own energy whether we are paying attention to them or not. Similar thoughts attract one another and form structures. People who are involved in creative mental tasks experienced this constantly. When they work with related thoughts and ideas, these thoughts begin to form themselves into hierarchies and patterns. Thoughts that we fear are no different; they create mental landscapes of what we fear the most within our own minds.

When something reminds us of these fearful thought structures, we experience a sudden surge of hatred, fear, or disgust as our conscious attention is momentarily focused on our unacceptable thoughts. Because we cannot accept these thoughts as part of ourselves, we assume that the feelings they generate are coming from whatever or whoever reminded us of them. This is called projection. Anyone that seems vaguely menacing can cause us to project our own suppressed anger onto them. This anger seems to be separate from "our own" thoughts, making it easy to believe that the anger or threat is coming from the other person. Someone with different ideas or customs can prompt us to project any anti-social or simply unconventional thoughts of our own that disturbed or disgusted us, making the person before us seems disturbing or dangerous. Depending on the force of our suppressed feelings, people who are in fact harmless can appear to be capable of bringing down civilization.

Well, that was a long exposition, but it boils down to this. The more you accept your own thoughts as normal and natural, whether they offend your sense of decency or not, the more clearly you will be able to see the world. Convincing others of this could be a problem, however.

When the projection turns to violence.

There is one thing that makes people feel enough rage to commit violence, and that is a feeling of powerlessness. If people feel that they have no control over their destiny and environment, if they feel that they cannot act effectively, then they can reach a point where they believe that nothing short of violence can change their situation.

Acting effectively requires you to influence other people and to control your environment. To influence other people, they must respect you and be willing to listen to what you have to say. To control your environment, you must understand it, have the skills to affect it, and be permitted to act on it.

It should be clear that these conditions are not met very often in our society. Many people in our society are alienated from one another and have few opportunities to exert any real influence on one another. Many poor and uneducated people do not have any control over their environment whatsoever.

However, powerlessness is not the only ingredient in violence. The real question is not why people are violent, but why so many men are violent. Although women are just as capable of violence as men, crime statistics show that it is not women who are turning our urban environments into war zones.

Both men and women must abide by certain expectations. Even though people have few instincts and all of our adult behaviour is learnt, we labour under the misconception that men and women are biologically destined to behave completely differently. Women are supposed to be yielding, they are not expected to forcefully express their own wants and needs. Men are supposed to be dominant and commanding, and are regarded as weak if they express any tendencies to yield or to behave in a "feminine" way.

As psychologists have discovered, however, the most mentally healthy people express emotional and behavioural characteristics traditionally assigned to both sexes. The fully functioning human can be either forceful or gentle, commanding or submissive, strong or yielding, as the situation requires. Unfortunately, the acceptable range of emotions for men is rather narrow, and what happens is that men must express all of their emotional energy through the few emotions available to them. This leads to rather exaggerated expressions of strength and virility.

Now, couple this self-image men have of strength and domination with the feelings of powerlessness rife in our society, and you have a recipe for disaster. Men must express their exaggerated sense of dominance, but they are rendered impotent by their inability to act with any effectiveness. To these men, violence seems to be the only way to affect their environment.

This will continue to be a problem until men are raised differently, or do the Great Work.

Thursday, 3 May 2012

Do you fear change?

Ever start to doubt we need to change things? Do you ever start to believe we have things good and don't want them to change? That is your selfish eagle side. Since now more and more are activating their serpent side, this is leading to confusion within them. One moment they want to change the world, the next they act like scared little rabbits, living in fear and slipping back into the selfish, me me me, mindset of the eagle, which is childish and irresponsible, but easy. There is nothing to fear from change, everything is always changing, you can not keep things from changing, it happens with our without your permission. So flow with the wave of serpent energy and allow the world to heal, banish your fear and controlling nature, for the good of everyone.