Tuesday 22 May 2012

The Serpent Line

This is a photo of an old map that is on my lounge wall. People look at it and don't think anything of it, others don't even notice it. Little do they know how rare this map is, because it shows the sine line, which has been purposely removed from modern maps. It was a gift from a 'family' member many years ago when I was doing my training.

Everyday the Sun moves through your body, Aries in the head, and Pisces in the feet. Sun rise corresponds with Spring, noon with Summer, evening with Autumn, midnight with Winter. Everyday the cycle is turning, with the month, year and age on a larger scale to it. 24 hours a day, 12 hours in summer, 12 in winter. Dark and light, good and evil. For Summer months we can 'live' while the earth bears its fruit, and in the winter all things die and that is the reverse there for evil, as evil is reverse of live. In Summer we lived, and in winter there was the devil, again reversed. There are no devils, just dark and light, summer and winter and all religions are based on the lies about these things.

When you know that the day is the same as the year, is the same as your body, which corresponds to your chakras, you can begin to see the connection to all things. The sine wave, the serpent line which forms the S with the equator through the middle even creates the dollar sign.

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