Monday 21 May 2012

Reincarnation & Karma

When asked what we believe about reincarnation and karma, our reply:

We believe in karma, in that, if someone is a nasty horrible person, then something will happen in the future to get them back for it. And if someone is always hating on others, they will be taught a lesson. But that is all within this lifetime. We can not be responsible for the decisions of our ancestors.

Saying that though, we should not deny it or try to cover it up.

Genetic memory is what causes us to remember things from the past. All animals have this. It is why we instinctively look for a nipple to feed on when we are babies, and many other things, we just know.

This is our only chance, in this lifetime, to become illuminated to the truth. People don't like to accept that, because they don't want to put the work in. Maybe they feel they are too old, or too busy? But the journey does involve removing all attachment to material goods, so when you realise this you have more time, as you aren't constantly working all hours in the hope of owning more 'things'. After that process is over, and you have learnt the truth, you then have things come to you naturally anyway. But you have to let go first, before that happens and that includes friends and family (those who try to stop you moving forward have to be removed, or you are allowing them to stop you and take your free will, and you will be left with a longing and wish that you had just done it and not listened to all those negative thoughts they feed you), you have to remove yourself from all desires, all addictions and all 'wants', a complete rebirth into a new pure being who is not influenced by the Will of others, and eventually you do find your own true Will. Anyone is capable of getting there, fear is what stops most people, or things like gods and reincarnation, which gives people an excuse to do nothing and think they get second chances somewhere else, or someone else is going to sort it for them, if they just repent. The truth hurts, we have to do it all ourselves, and people run a mile from that responsibility.... and the slaves shall serve.

It is our choice and ours alone, if we seek and keep seeking we find.

We do think it is wrong that people are programmed and lied to by religions etc, which is why we have gone public and now offer the Esoteric Comparative Theology course to the public. Now no one has any excuses.

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