Friday, 28 December 2012

Personal Insults - The Weaklings Defence

The thing about personal insults of any kind is that it's all about asserting dominance over the target by bullying them.

Yeah, it's about power. They felt that in the argument, discussion or situation, you had more power than them. They wanted to take away some of your power.

What's the easiest thing to go after, regarding a woman's power? Yep, it's her physical appearance. For man it is his virility or wealth that are the normal targets.

It's a case of them trying to rectify a perceived imbalance of power. If they feel you are out of their league or somehow better than them through their own insecurities -- because of looks, social status, a certain confidence in your walk, intelligence, knowledge, having money when they don't. They see you as more powerful than they are. This is an intolerable situation for them, they just can't deal with that psychologically.

Take their nasty epithet as a backhanded tribute. At the moment someone feels the need to insult you personally, you are very powerful.

Try to think of yourself as visibly powerful when people try to take you down like this. Like when you're out asserting your physical being in the world, striding down the street, looking good. Or on a purposeful errand. You are emanating an energy & self-sufficiency that makes those lower in self-esteem & power feel uneasy. Yelling something is their feeble attempt at getting even with you, since they are unable to do it in any other way.

To put it briefly: Own your power. Take it back from them.

You still rule your world. The words they attempt to damage you with didn't change anything.

Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Mary, Maria, Miriam - The Title

Mary and Maria are both from the Hebrew Miriam, which means Strong Waters or Waters Of Strength, or beloved. It was used for females in the Mystery School Order back in ancient times.

My surname today is Douglass, Gaelic elements: dubh which means dark or black, and glas, meaning stream or water. Names with water in them are usually bloodline families, it is to do with the underground stream we keep and the fact all knowledge and wisdom flows from the waters of the Goddess.

Back in ancient times we didn't have surnames, but when a woman was named Miriam, Maria, Mary, it meant she was bloodline, and men John (Yochanan) or Joseph (Yosef), they were the titles for men, meaning YAHWEH.

These days in our Order all the women are named the Latin term Soror, which means sister, this is the same as calling someone Mary or Miriam. The men are called Frater, which is Latin for brother.

Hatred Towards O Negs

Many have been posting under one of our YouTube videos saying that they are O neg and have found that throughout their life they have been rejected and judged by strangers all the time, sometimes aggressively and for doing nothing other than being friendly. How many O negs also find this? Are you not O neg but find this? What is your blood group? Do you feel it is because they sense we are different? I have had my fair share of people attacking me for no reason and wanting to destroy me for doing nothing to them at all, so I can understand where they are coming from. I am O neg.

Do you feel like you are having to censor your thoughts so as to not offend 'the others'? As it is meant to be helpful truth, not hurtful, but people seem to want to be lied to?

Do people start accusing you of being angry just for sticking up for yourself? Even if it is just by text and they can not hear your voice or see your expressions?

Unfortunately It has been programmed into them for generations to dislike us because we are different. They sense it.

I have had it all my life from those not like us. Instead of just going away because we don't get on, or have a clash of personality or they just don't like me, they actively try to destroy me. They spread rumours about me, call me names, tell people I am evil and to avoid me, make out I am some kind of control freak etc.. when all the while they are projecting what they are themselves on to me.

I am too busy sorting out my own life out to want to control anyone else's, which is why I always try to get people to feel empowered, then they can help themselves, rather than seeking out someone else to sort them out. However some take objection to this, as it makes them face their weaknesses and demons, and they then, in their own minds, start to feel inferior to me, so attack.

Seen it time and time again. But the 'norm' of society is unbalanced people, who all cling together in the hope that they won't ever have to change. So when someone is different they hate you for it. Then the chorus of the unbalanced comes... they all start blaming the balanced person who is strong. They all stick together in their hate towards the target, they try to hurt the strong person, anything other than face their own problems and admit they're less than perfect behaviour themselves, actually it is down right nasty behaviour. And they hold on to the hatred for years and years, and at any opportunity they will slander and liable you, to make themselves feel better, because they are such miserable failures.

Good people, balanced people, who stick by you through all your own problems and worries, are very hard to find. Most will use you when they need you for something, and then drop you and to justify their behaviour the lies about you start.

So when you do find good people, who want you around and ask nothing from you but friendship, and sometimes support, as well as offering you that in return. Keep them forever, they are worth it and so are you.

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

21/12/12 Winter Solstice

21/12/12 Winter Solstice is the same as every other year this year, it aligns like this every year. We won't be in Aquarius for a long while yet. Despite what new age pseudoscience websites tell you, there will be no end of the world, no mass extra DNA activation, no special portals, no galactic alien spaceships coming to beam us up, no rapture... But if you are lucky you can join your friends and a lovely Solstice ceremony and party..

Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Gay, Straight, Bi-sexual, Asexual.. Male, Female...Whatever.

The Church of St Mary & St John will be pleased and proud to offer any couple a wonderful tailor made wedding ceremony and/or hand fasting, no matter what your religious/spiritual beliefs, or what sex you or your partner happens to be. We also encourage those who feel the calling the opportunity to go through Holy Orders in our Church working towards becoming a Priest/ess or even a Bishop, no matter what sex, race or sexual preferences you have. For more information please see our website.

Saturday, 8 December 2012

Visual, Auditory or Kinaesthetic?

It doesn't matter how down I am, or how horrible things get, there is one thing that always makes me feel better. It has been with me since I was a little girl, when I surrounded myself with it, dressed in it and collected as many things as possible that are it. That special warm wonderful thing is the colour purple. I have always loved it and it always manages to cheer me up. Still now all these years later it is still with me, making me feel all warm and fuzzy inside when I see its magnificence. I have always been a visual person, and colours are very important to me. In the past I have liked other colours a lot as well, in phases, but no other colour has ever compared to my purple, not ever. If you don't have a special colour, you are probably not a visual person. Although if the sight of something relaxes you more than anything else... like tree tops swaying, watching the sea, looking at a beautiful landscape, then you could be a visual person too.

Everyone has a sense that is more acute in them, three of the five sensory based modes seem to dominate in mental processing:
  • Visual thoughts - sight, mental imagery, spatial awareness.
  • Auditory (or linguistic) thoughts - sound, speech, dialogue, white noise.
  • Kinaesthetic (or proprioceptive) sense - somatic feelings in the body, temperature, pressure, and also emotion.
The other two senses, gustatory (taste) and olfactory (smell), which are closely associated, often seem to be less significant in general mental processing, and are often considered jointly as one.

If you are Auditory person music will comfort and relax you more than anything else, or even talking. An Auditory person is more likely to feel stressed in complete silence than the other groups. Hearing the singing of birds, the sea waves rolling in and out or even white noise, is much more relaxing to them.

Maybe you get comfort from being hugged, or wrapped up in something soft and snugly more than anything else? Then you a Kinaesthetic person, who is more in touch with feelings and needs to be touched, and feel textures against you, to feel comforted.

Which are you? It is certainly something interesting to think about, and will also help you understand better what will cheer you up when you are feeling low.