Thursday 2 February 2012

Limited Thinking

Are you a limited thinker? Or can you see the big picture?

A limited thinker will say - I'm not perfect, but no one is perfect.

Someone who can see the big picture will say - I am Unique, therefore I am perfect, as however I am, I am the perfect version of me. How could I not be? There is only one of me, and there will never be someone else exactly like me ever again. How can I be too short? Too short compared to what? To you? But you are the perfect version of you, not me! You are perfect too, but you are not the perfect version of me, that is my job. So don't you tell me I am too short, or too tall, or too fat, or too thin, or too young, or too old. Because you are not me, I am me. How I am right NOW is perfect, not how I was before, or how I might be, but how I am right NOW is the perfect version of me.

A limited thinker will judge people on how they look, and tell them how to 'improve' themselves. Someone who can see the big picture will know that you are perfect right NOW.

You can choose to spread the joy yourself right now, you can choose to pick something out about someone, something unique, doesn't have to be looks, anything, and compliment them on it. It will make their day and yours too, try it.

Tau Tia x

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  1. i love this,its so true i try very hard to live my life by this type of thinking. why not spread some joy around give someone someting to feel good about.we know very well our self that we as a person love to feel what are you waiting for make someone feel good.