Tuesday 25 December 2012

Hatred Towards O Negs

Many have been posting under one of our YouTube videos saying that they are O neg and have found that throughout their life they have been rejected and judged by strangers all the time, sometimes aggressively and for doing nothing other than being friendly. How many O negs also find this? Are you not O neg but find this? What is your blood group? Do you feel it is because they sense we are different? I have had my fair share of people attacking me for no reason and wanting to destroy me for doing nothing to them at all, so I can understand where they are coming from. I am O neg.

Do you feel like you are having to censor your thoughts so as to not offend 'the others'? As it is meant to be helpful truth, not hurtful, but people seem to want to be lied to?

Do people start accusing you of being angry just for sticking up for yourself? Even if it is just by text and they can not hear your voice or see your expressions?

Unfortunately It has been programmed into them for generations to dislike us because we are different. They sense it.

I have had it all my life from those not like us. Instead of just going away because we don't get on, or have a clash of personality or they just don't like me, they actively try to destroy me. They spread rumours about me, call me names, tell people I am evil and to avoid me, make out I am some kind of control freak etc.. when all the while they are projecting what they are themselves on to me.

I am too busy sorting out my own life out to want to control anyone else's, which is why I always try to get people to feel empowered, then they can help themselves, rather than seeking out someone else to sort them out. However some take objection to this, as it makes them face their weaknesses and demons, and they then, in their own minds, start to feel inferior to me, so attack.

Seen it time and time again. But the 'norm' of society is unbalanced people, who all cling together in the hope that they won't ever have to change. So when someone is different they hate you for it. Then the chorus of the unbalanced comes... they all start blaming the balanced person who is strong. They all stick together in their hate towards the target, they try to hurt the strong person, anything other than face their own problems and admit they're less than perfect behaviour themselves, actually it is down right nasty behaviour. And they hold on to the hatred for years and years, and at any opportunity they will slander and liable you, to make themselves feel better, because they are such miserable failures.

Good people, balanced people, who stick by you through all your own problems and worries, are very hard to find. Most will use you when they need you for something, and then drop you and to justify their behaviour the lies about you start.

So when you do find good people, who want you around and ask nothing from you but friendship, and sometimes support, as well as offering you that in return. Keep them forever, they are worth it and so are you.


  1. Ive always known I was different. My current physical life path (in this life anyway) is very different than who I really am. I am O-.Both my mother and father were +,O&A respectively. I have borne 4 children 2 of which my oldest and youngest are O-. I feel that i have always "known" certain things but have only recently fully awakened. Im feeling a strong magenetic connection to your church and message. I have also dabbled in wicca recently realizing I may have been a witch or priestess prior to this physical life. I live in an area where if this were discovered me and my family would be uprooted. However, I must find all the answers.

  2. Thank you for this article , as an O RHnegative person this resonates very much with me...

  3. I've often wondered if our blood type can have an effect on how we think or how we can think.

  4. This resonates with me as well! When I read this I was like OMG this is def. how I been feeling. These people do whatever they can do destroy me and make me feel like I'm crazy, when in reality they are the ones that are crazy! I have been wondering WTH did I do to this person to make them treat me this way but now I'm realizing it's not me, it's them. I think I scare them or they are confused by me because I'm different. My way of thinking is different than most too. Like for instance, I can be friends with ANYBODY, I have no biases against anyone. Even if it's an ex of mine or an ex of my spouse, I dont care because i love everyone. I accept people for who they are but people cant accept me for who I am for some reason. I have been so confused all my life as to why I am treated this way and would question if I should even be here. Did anyone else growing up question why they were here and maybe they shouldn't be?