Friday 9 March 2012


Still I am told I am inciting violence and hate crimes for talking about the problems with patriarchy.  Yet I am always saying over and over again that violence is what I am against and what I want to put a stop to, and the only way to do that is to remove ALL patriarchy. So yes that means removing Islam, as well as Hindu, Judaism, Christianity etc, and stop the hate and division caused by ALL these patriarchal religions. I will never be tolerant of violence. If someone can worship something without feeling the need to hurt others because of their beliefs, fine, but it seems they can't!! To be tolerant of hate crimes because of someone's religion is disgusting.

Patriarchy effects all people negatively, even men. They are forced to go to wars and get killed and lose limbs, all because of oil and power. The psychopaths who want to keep patriarchy, do so because they like the power and control it gives them, while the rest suffer. They don't care about those soldiers and their families who suffer, or all those innocent people they kill in the countries they rape. They laugh about it, and they laugh about those who continue to support it while they get richer.

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