Sunday 6 January 2013

Put your oxygen mask on - Loneliness

It is becoming a symptom in today's society for people to find themselves feeling lonely. We are brought up in a society that tells us to 'think of number one' and often find others only caring about themselves. We might decide to conform to this and are left with an empty feeling inside. We have a longing inside for someone to do something kind for us. To help us gain back that feeling of warmth from knowing someone cares - so that you will know that not everyone is just out for themselves.

Loneliness is often caused by wanting people to do something for us. When we do things for other people, we are never lonely. So why not stop waiting for others to prove to you there is kindness in the world, when you can prove it to them yourself?

Kindness costs nothing, but can give you rewards that you never expected.

This isn't to say you should put everyone else's needs before your own. That would mean you would be no use to anyone. If you have ever been on an aeroplane, you will probably remember that they say in the emergency procedures - If cabin pressure should change, an oxygen mask will drop and that you should put yours on first, before helping your children or others. Obviously this is because if you couldn't breathe as you were trying to help others, you would faint and be no use to anyone.. So first and foremost - we have to make sure we look after ourselves, then and only then can we be fully able to give others the help they need. Then in return we get the benefits of being able to help them. This is pretty much the advice of Ayn Rand, only she wasn't talking from a spiritual point of view.

The Great Work helps us become complete, however it does take a lot of work and you will have to be selfish to do it, for quite some time. Then once you have got a high attainment yourself, then you are better equipped to help others. If you didn't take the time for yourself in the first place, you wouldn't be able to help others to the standard they deserve.... The Great Work means you are working with your oxygen mask already firmly in place. It will also help you feel complete and the longing for wanting to be rescued by someone else leaves you completely.

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