Saturday 22 June 2013

What is your excuse?

You only get one chance at life on Earth, one chance to complete the Great Work while you are here. There will never be in a time in your life when there is nothing at all going on, and you can spend all your time focused just on the Great Work. People are all too willing to keep putting it off, or using others/things as a scapegoat or excuse as to why they "can't" do it.... Then they drop dead.

Those who are determined to succeed, no matter what it takes, are the ones who find true Gnosis. It isn't easy, no one ever said it would be, no one can wave a magick wand over you, (although the new age Reiki lot would have you believe that) and you gain Illumination.

Once you have worn out all your excuses, delayed it, put it off for the last time and you draw your final breath, that is when it will really hit you - that you could have found the time, you were just too scared to fail, and with that fear leading you, you did.

You are very lucky, because you still have time RIGHT NOW to make a start, or maybe you are too tired? Or you have a hundred other things to do? Well you just found the time to read this.

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