Friday, 15 March 2013

Pain Drain - Healing Magick Sigil

I decided I would create a sigil to help those who suffer from chronic pain, but you can also use this if you have a headache or some other kind of temporary pain. Video at bottom.

How it works

When I created the sigil I gave it certain instructions and this is how it works. When you feel pain, call the name of the sigil, which is Archegoniumel.

Bring an image of the sigil to mind.

Imagine all your pain being focused towards the sigil, imagine the pain being drained away.
Archegoniumel will absorb the pain away from you, it will then work at converting that pain into healing energy, which it will in turn send back to you.

Your pain will ease and you will feel lighter, uplifted and much happier. Archegoniumel will also send you some good luck.

After you have finished, be sure to say thank you to Archegoniumel for her help.

The more Archegoniumel is used, the more powerful a healer she becomes, this is something we are all building up and helping with together as we use her as a healer.

Sigils are very powerful and useful tools to achieve amazing results, if you would like a personal sigil making, please contact us at Alchemist's Laboratory and we will make your wishes come true.

When in pain.. Remember my name...

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