Thursday 22 December 2011

Advice To Liars

Stop trying to cover your tracks with more bs. Just for once in your life admit what you have done, stop deluding yourself. You are just like billions of other people, there is nothing unusual about you, in so much as, you are full of bs and where there are people, there is plenty of it. You just haven't reached a level of attainment where you can stop yourself doing it.

You might think life is more fun while you continue hiding the true you, but all you will do is make friends with shallow people who also bs you. If you want to make friends with people, true friends, that will last forever, you will drop the act and just be yourself.

Hate me for saying this is you want, many do, but also a few do come back, sometimes years later and say they wished they had just been honest when given the chance, and stopped. Lies end people up in trouble, the more you tell the deeper you get into it.

You have a chance at a fresh start, you can just drop all that nonsense that you think will gain you attention, and be genuine with people. You will learn more about yourself that way, and others too. People are interesting you know, once you stop trying to manipulate them, and just decide to be interested in them instead. And yes lying to people is manipulation. Stop now, before you drive more people away, please.

Tau Tia x

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