Saturday 26 November 2011

Oi Mr & Ms Enlightenment

Oi Mr or Ms Spiritual, you sit there arrogantly implying you are more spiritual than others because you spent time with Monks in Tibet, you travelled a long way to meet with shamans and take strange drugs, you spent years visiting Holy ground and ancient monuments, but to gain what? Look at you now, you might have learnt some interesting things, but where did it get you? It turned you into an arrogant egotist who thinks he/she knows better than anyone else. You constantly use quotes from Gurus and wait for people to praise you for doing so. You model your behaviour on something or someone so fake and unreal you have lost all touch with reality. And all the while you were travelling round searching for experiences and spiritual enlightenment, you forgot to look inside, you forgot that you already had the answer within, you just needed to remove the need to cling to your false ego (fake personality) and find the real you. But that is so hard to do when you are too busy worrying what everyone else will think of you, if you show the 'real' you. So instead you tend to attack those who question you and your false ego, the 'love & light' soon turns to hate and fear when your false ego feels threatened by exposure. And this anger and fear that you carry round with you, can never be dealt with, until you remember to stop judging others in the world, and start looking inside. Learn to smile again, as any truly spiritual being knows.. life is about love, joy and laughter, and has nothing to do with covering up your hatred by constantly saying 'love & light'.

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