Monday 23 July 2012

Dark Night of the Soul

I catch the scent of desperation from someone instantly, and it is normally those who are stuck in the abyss. They often say they want to help others, but ultimately they will damage others if they are not careful, as they first need to look at themselves.
They tend towards being passive aggressive, they don't mean to, they just can't help themselves when they are faced with someone stronger than them. They often make remarks intended to belittle the person they feel is stronger than them, in order to make themselves feel better. They even model their targets behaviour, in the hope that they might gain the respect they have.
This person is stuck in the dark night of the soul, and is desperately unhappy, yet trying to show a happy face to the world. But it can not be hidden, people do pick up the vibes and back away, causing the frustration to get worse. All they need to do is stop trying to be everything to others, stop trying to be something they are not, stop trying to show a false public image, because you are fooling no one. Instead remember to look inside and realise what you need to do to heal yourself first, before offering to help others. You can not help others when you are trapped in your own self made hell.

Tau Tia L Douglass - Gnostic Bishop

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