Monday 30 July 2012

Be the change you want to see in the world

Be the change you want to see in the world -Gandhi. One of the most misunderstood quotes of our time. Gandhi didn't mean to do nothing to change the world but sit on your arse. He implied that first you must work on yourself, then when you yourself have changed, you can then effect the world positively, not by sitting about meditating, but by the art of 'doing'. Gandhi travelled far and wide, did so much work spreading his teachings. He was 'doing', follow his example and change yourself first, then set about 'doing' something about the mess the world is in.
The New Age Movement tells people constantly that 'We are all one' and that we have to do nothing but sit meditating to save the Earth and ourselves.
We might all come from the same source, but we are not all one. If we become trapped within our own false egos we return to the source as a thousand pieces, and yes become part of the whole 'one' again. The idea is to grown up and realise we are responsible for ourselves.
They also tell us to think with the heart and not the mind. Your Higher Self is the thing you should be thinking with, as well as having an open heart chakra. If you open your heart chakra without connecting to your Higher Self you are taken in by these things that trap you here in the 'one' and are easier for the eagles to manipulate and control you. Do not stop at the heart chakra, you must push forwards and active your other higher chakras fully too, your throat, your third eye and your crown, otherwise you are not complete.
We can only true help others reach their full potential once we have ourselves, because then we can detach and see the big picture. The New Age Movement tries to stop people realising their full potential by telling us we are all one, no need to become whole ourselves. This means we never grown up.

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