Friday 2 September 2011

What is the 'truth'?

When you know the truth there is nothing that can remove it, that is how you know it is true. People convince themselves of 'truth' that isn't the same thing. Those are the people who get angry when someone else says something that is different to their 'opinion'. People who have found the truth, probably would like others to know, so they put that information out there and it is up to the viewer on how they will receive it. Others use the 'truth' to control others, as they long for power. Because being enlightened doesn't make you a good person, just an illuminated one. 

What I think would be nice is if more good people became illuminated, rather than just the bad ones. That is why I have my Order and my Church, not for a power trip or ego, because I genuinely want good people to know the truth. It takes a while to find the truth, it can be a very long journey, where as some people it happens to almost instantly, and there are lots of things that can go wrong along the way.

Being part of a group that have been there and done it before you, is the best support you can get. Because along the way all kinds will happen, and you will lose a lot of 'friends' maybe even your family. But if you are a true seeker you keep going and keep going, forever pushing forwards, until the day you know the truth, then you never have anymore doubts about what truth is, and you are illuminated.

This is how I can best describe it, because no one else can just come along tell you the truth, you have to go on the journey yourself, and some never make it. Those with support are more likely to though. Angry people will stubbornly sit there saying they don't need anyone else, or to help others, they are still living in false ego where they are full of self importance. When you remove false ego you realise there is safety in numbers, especially when all the bad ones stick together, about time the good ones did too.

Tau Tia x

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