Friday, 24 June 2011

I See Angry People

I do not blame anyone for getting angry about things, we live in strange times. It is time for the return of the Divine Feminine, and although we have been programmed against the truth, we all have the truth inside us. We can become confused and angry when we see so much conflicting information, as the others do their best to keep the truth hidden, with their books and videos of misinformation and lies. Some truth slips out, then it is undermined yet again by those trying to cling on to the power patriarchy has given them. It can not last much longer, as more and more of us are realising that the truth can be put up high, and all though you are constantly knocked down for telling it, it can never be taken from its pedestal. Because the truth can survive anything, and has, for thousands of years.

Tau Tia x

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