Tuesday, 7 June 2011

The Cycle of Creation

When humankind become too many, and too greedy, and too full of hate, wars happen and the Great Creator gets angry. The Great Spirit angers and causes 'natural disasters' which remove all life on Earth, cleansing and purifying it. She needs time to heal herself, as a new world appears from the ashes, like a Phoenix. Through all of this there are always a small group who survive to keep the original teachings of the Great Spirit alive. They keep the spiritual path open for all those of the righteous who wish to live in harmony and balance with the Great Creator. However, unless we all learn to become spiritual beings, the Great Creator will put an end to things once again, and the cycle will continue, until we have all learnt the lessons we are here to learn. As only then can we have Heaven on Earth.

Tau Tia x

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