Tuesday, 22 October 2013

The Great Work - What Is It?

The Great Work is simply your own personal path towards illumination or coming to know thyself.

When you take a structured course involving ritual magick it is easier to make sense of everything and to know where you are using the Kabbalistic Tree of Life as a map.

Another way is to isolate yourself and just meditate, until one day you might suddenly just 'get it' but that is a long shot, and in my view a waste of your life, when you could be living it and doing other things.

The Gnostic Theolalite route through our Church does involve some meditation and taking time out to be alone with your thoughts, but it does not take over your life completely. If you are very serious about it though, you are likely to want to spend a lot of your time on it, eagerness, after all, is what it takes to be a true seeker of Gnosis. The course does not tell you what you should or shouldn't do on your own journey, it just helps you to learn about all the tools to help you on your way, and also teaches about various other things that are spirituality related.

Everyone's path is different, we know that, and so should you. You couldn't pick up a text book, read the full instructions on how someone else became illuminated and expect it to work for you. By learning how it worked out for others, and taking bits and pieces from that, you can find your own way. Within a helpful community, such as our Church, you also have all the support you need along the way.


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