Sunday 28 October 2012

Can you become a Priest/ess?

I was reading a site the other day, someone who was telling everyone he isn't a guru and that he wants to empower everyone. He has built up a large following. I wondered about contacting him, maybe he could help with our movement, seeing as he was appearing to be doing something similar. Then I saw his posts about DNA activation and other rubbish, and I realised he is just another greedy selfish eagle, selling lies to people who are still trap in selfish false ego. Because lets face it, people will always go the easy and lazy path first. They want to be told they can activate their DNA and become enlightened by just doing a chant and sending money to this cause or that cause. They want to pay for fake initiations which involve fake ceremonies and no work or effort on their part, so long as they pay, because money is everything in this world right? And the 'I'm not a guru' guy just needs more and more of it, in order to enlighten you to the truth, right? Wrong. To become a better person, you have to take responsibility for your own path, you have to do the work yourself, no one else can wave a magick wand and make you a Priest or Priestess, you have to do it yourself. Take the easy, lazy path to nothing and no changes if you feel inclined, but then don't wonder why you achieve nothing but emptiness and pain. What a shock it is to people when they join our Church and realise they are going to have to do some work, learn some things and connect to their own Higher Self in order to deserve the title Priest/ess. Everyone might deserve the chance of becoming a Priest/ess, it doesn't mean everyone will have the courage and strength to make it.

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