Sunday 24 April 2011

Naive Enlightenment

What is Naive Enlightenment?

When you are on a spiritual path, many cycles happen, before you get to complete enlightenment. The very thing that starts us on a spiritual path is normally what is called "Naïve Enlightenment" This is when we suddenly realise the world isn't how we first thought it was, we start to see the bigger picture, we have awoken up to realise we have been living a lie and trying to conform to our false ego, which is created by those around us.

At this point we often feel euphoric, and completely enlightened, and the signs of this are easy to see for those further down the path. They newly awoken being who is going through Naive Enlightenment will often think they are God, the messiah and feel they can do no wrong and they know everything there is to know.

Your mind works at high speed, new information is coming to you with ease, you feel magickal and wonderful.

But wait, before you start shouting about being the messiah or acting like a 'know it all' take a chill pill, because you are about to face one almighty fall.

Dark Night of the Soul - The Abyss

There then follows a time of chaos and confusion, you can't understand why no one else can see the truth you can see. You might start to try and convince others of your 'truth' and no matter what you do they won't listen to you. Some might listen and they might also think you are wonderful for teaching them the truth, and this only delays the hell you are going through. Depression sets in, all your new found magickal powers abandon you, and you feel more alone and down than you have ever felt before.

So how do you get out of it?

You learn to shallow your pride, you admit you were wrong, that you don't really know everything and you forgive yourself for your mistakes. You focus your intent completely on finding the true you, your Higher Self, your Holy Guardian Angel. Create a ritual or meditation to perform everyday to invoke your Angel, but you must want to give up your old ego and all it's needs and wants to be massaged by others. Your Angel, the true you, knows when you are not serious, and it will never come back and make everything wonderful again, unless you are willing to look inside once more - the truth is inside you and you can never find the truth outside yourself.

©Copyright Ordo Infinitus Orbis 24th April 2011

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