Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Tia L Douglass - William G Ireland

Just putting our side across.

William G Ireland, no longer a practising Bishop after he was 'retired' from the Young Rite for trying to come on to me at my house, he even asked if he could move in with me when he was here.

He also set about Ordaining and Consecrating me and then lying about it and trying to first abnegate my Holy Orders and then deny they ever even took place! Anything he sets up now has no legitimacy, the man is a compulsive liar.

Adrian Worsfold, whose blog creates as much controversy about others in order to get hits. The more controversy he causes the better as he publishes copyrighted private emails and photographs with no regard to the legality of it or the feelings of those he defames.

I have asked both men to stop their attacks on my character and to remove copyrighted items, and they have both refused. I am therefore left with no option other than to take things further.

Christopher Cain, who rang me up at my home and he threatened me first by saying he was going to put a curse on me, and then next by saying he was going to ruin me.

He makes false accusations about me to the police, saying that I called him a paedophile on a website. Getting the police to call round at my house and ask me questions about it, to which I explained that I had done nothing and he is the one threatening me. Was this all part of his plan to 'ruin me'?

It is becoming very public about the Catholic Churches paedophilia, so him accusing me when it could be one of millions of people, if anyone at all, is so ridiculous. There are a lot of very upset people out there. I am very public about my opinions of ALL patriarchal religions and would never name call or target one individual, unlike him.

The above contains opinions on these men which are the result of their own actions, nothing I have said above is misleading or false, it is all correct. The photograph of William is Copyright The Church of St Mary & St John. The photo of Adrian Worsfold came from his public website, which I told him I would be using on this blog. If Adrian would like me to remove his photo from this blog I have told him I am happy to do so once he removes the one of me on his, which our Church holds the copyright for.

You can find more information here.


  1. It seems that men are very afraid of strong, powerful, enlightened women. What a shame for them.

  2. Corrupt demurige maybe with this guy. If you know what that means.